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The Meme Coin Tamadoge is going viral, gaining over 50,000 Twitter followers. Tamadoge is a play-to-earn crypto game in its metaverse, the Tamaverse. The project encroaches on a widespread area: doge meme coins, which users may mint doge, which they can use to breed and train their dogs, raising their position on the leaderboard. The product, scheduled to hit the market shortly, is based on a famous game from the 1990s.

The game was called Tamagotchi, allowing players to care for their pets using a digital device.

The project is a modernized version of the previous game, except with an 8-bit screen. The TAMA token is the ecosystem’s native token and may be considered a meme coin. It may be used as in-game cash to perform any in-game transaction, from purchasing items for your pet to completely upgrading them. Following its introduction, the token will be accessible for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tamadoge may now be acquired on the official website for a minimum investment of 1000 TAMA coins.

Tamadoge – The Best Metaverse NFT Game of 2022

As the latest meme coin initiative, Tamadoge generates a ton of excitement in the blockchain industry. This meme coin is the first of its kind and includes several innovative blockchain features like a built-in NFT store and a metaverse. Until October 2022, investors can get in on the native TAMA token presale before the project goes live.

Here are a few points that stand out.


A coin’s efficiency is based on the total number of tokens in circulation. For a coin to be profitable to investors, it must have deflationary properties. The limit for Tamadoge is 2 Billion. It follows that there will never be more than 2 billion Tamadoge coins in circulation. In addition, 5% of all purchases made through their official store are burned as part of a burning process, shortening supplies and driving up the price.


Tamadoge has been built strongly and follows an ambitious road map to benefit its consumers. Compared to other crypto projects that turn out to be scams, this one is authentic because CoinSniper has verified it. Furthermore, the project has demonstrated the stability of its platform through testing.

This Is No Mere Symbolic Effort

Many cryptocurrency initiatives are moving in this manner in anticipation of the coming metaverse. The name Tamadoge is also included there. The Tamadoge project’s metaverse, Tamaverse, facilitates user-to-user communication and interaction within the system. Tamadoge NFT holders can bring their pets into the metaverse and let them interact with other pets and their owners. Most notably, Tamadoge is a play-to-win game, an NFT collection, a metaverse, and a token.


As of late, Tamadoge has been hard at work on a mobile app called Tamadoge Augmented Reality. This app will allow people to communicate with their dogs from their smartphones. The functionality of this app will mirror that of the game in the metaverse.

Users can take their time in the metaverse by downloading an app for their mobile devices, keeping in touch with their virtual pets without leaving them.

Tamadoge Giveaways

Tamadoge, on the other hand, is full of surprises for its inhabitants. Previously, TAMA announced that all token holders would be entered into a $100,000 airdrop-style cryptocurrency giveaway. The successful presale of more than $2 million puts this idea running for the best 2022 cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, there is a $3,000 giveaway, and only two days are left; check out the tweet below for more information.

To buy Tamadoge, you’ll first need to download a MetaMask or Trust wallet.

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Our Rating

  • '10x Potential' - CNBC Report
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption
  • Upcoming Listing on OKX - Sept 27th