Dash 2 Trade

One of the biggest issues facing investors in the crypto market is finding the right coins to buy. The new cryptocurrency investment platform, Dash 2 Trade, solves this problem by allowing investors to make smart trading choices.

The platform has raised over $11 million in its presale, which is set to end in only nine days.

How Dash 2 Trade Works

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto platform offering a dashboard with integrated analytics and features designed to help investors make a profit. The platform has tapped into a major need for investors in the market to get high-quality sources of information and use them to their advantage.

With Dash 2 Trade, investors enjoy optimal research and analytics tools that can help them optimize their moves in the crypto market. The platform was developed by Learn 2 Trade – a crypto-educational platform with a community of over 70,000 members.

Looking to be the “Bloomberg terminal for crypto,” D2T offers an all-encompassing suite of tools to help market participants earn profits, from research tools to investment products.

Dash 2 Trade’s feature set is world-class. It offers a trading application program interface (API), a strategy builder for investors, and much more. Also, the developers organize regular trading competitions where community members can compete and earn.

All Traders Welcome

The beauty of Dash 2 Trade is that it caters to the needs of traders and investors at each stage of their investment journey. The platform has tapped into the need for high-quality data, which is set to be even more prominent as the market welcomes more investors down the line.

Dash2Trade also excels at eliminating the need for extensive research. Technical analysis is available, and traders can even gain access to signals that will help them to make gains effortlessly. Access to on-chain analytics will also ensure that traders can see healthy crypto projects and differentiate them from unhealthy ones.

Dash 2 Trade will release a beta version on January 5th. The release is ahead of the project’s initial timeline, and it will arrive just before the end of the presale and the D2T listing on major exchanges.

D2T’s platform will include dashboards for social sentiment analysis, strategy backtesting, and on-chain analytics in addition to the presale dashboard. Furthermore, it will provide actionable trading indications that investors can employ to profit from the crypto market’s ups and downs.

Time to Buy D2T

Dash 2 Trade has built a resilient economic model to support its operations. Part of that is D2T, the platform’s native token. Primarily, D2T is used to pay for D2T’s services. Users can pay 400 D2T monthly for the platform’s Starter service tier, while the high-end Premium tier costs 1,000 D2T monthly.

In addition, D2T helps users participate in Dash 2 Trade’s numerous competitions and community projects, where they can earn more.

D2T’s presale is in the final stage and has raised over $11.1 million out of the expected $13.42 million. The token’s first CEX launch will take place on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

The crypto asset’s healthy use cases should lead to an influx of investors, meaning that it could derive massive value down the line.

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