Luna 2 Price

The LUNA 2.0 price today launched at $0.5 on Bybit and a few other crypto exchanges, and pumped 6000% up to $30 on Bybit, before correcting to around $13-16 with an hour.

The LUNA/USDT spot price then dropped to around $5 – $7 at parity with other crypto exchanges, then hit a low of $3.50 before bouncing.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

LUNA 2.0 Price

The old LUNA has now been renamed to Terra Classic (LUNC), reflected on Coinmarketcap, and a second listing added for the new Terra (LUNA).

On Coinmarketcap and Kraken the LUNA 2.0 price, Terra 2.0 as some are calling it, was initially priced around $7 – $9 during the time it was much higher on Bybit (now $3 – $5).

Luna 2.0 Price Coinmarketcap

The total supply is 1 billion LUNA 2.0 coins, with a circulating supply of 210 million – similar to that of the old Terra LUNA which had 350 million tokens in circulation just before the May 12th crash and hyper inflation.

Market conditions are highly volatile so trade carefully, the LUNA 2.0 price was much higher on Bybit in the first few hours after trading started.

Coinmarketcap only recorded a high of $19.54, although the LUNA price did spend a total of 22 minutes above the $20 level on Bybit exchange.

The video above compares the different LUNA prices across crypto exchange platforms.

Will LUNA Go Up Again?

Whether that wick to $30 will be filled after the bounce in the days to come remains to be seen.

Bybit does have a high trading volume – its traders are often referred to as ‘Bybit apes’ on crypto Twitter – and one theory in technical analysis is that most short term price wicks do get filled eventually, or close to it. Price moves to find buyers and sellers, testing and retesting different supply and demand zones on the price chart.

Binance is yet to list LUNA although confirmed they would, and eToro haven’t announced if they will.

Many on social media are bearish and predict the new LUNA will go to zero again, calling the pump and dump of Terra 2.0 a second scam by Do Kwon and Terraform Labs.

The new Terra (LUNA) market cap is under $1 billion (having been $1.4 billion earlier today), with a fully diluted market cap of $4 billion. The valuation will change rapidly as more exchanges add LUNA.

Meanwhile the old Terra Classic (LUNC) price has dropped back to $0.0001, down 20% in the past 24 hours with a market cap of $650 million.

Where to Buy LUNA 2.0

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