lucky block now available on uniswap

The tax-free version of the native token of the Lucky Block decentralized gaming platform is now available on Uniswap V3 as the developing team continues to secure the support of both centralized and decentralized exchanges to increase the asset’s liquidity.

In a tweet published yesterday, Lucky Block announced the completion of this new milestone only days after the project successfully listed its V2 token in two prominent CEXs – LBank and MEXC.

In the past 24 hours, LBLOCK has gained nearly 3% on the exchange at $0.0024 per coin with trading volumes currently sitting at $45.42K.

The LBLOCK V2 token is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that was created to increase liquidity and raise awareness about the gaming platform’s features and benefits. Originally, the V1 version featured a 12% tax on speculative transactions. This characteristic was removed on the V2 as centralized exchanges do not permit it.

The Uniswap listing could be the first of many to come as the head of product of Lucky Block, Terrence Ribaudo, recently told the community in an AMA event that the developing team was currently holding talks with as many as 7 CEXs.

The more exchanges the team manages to list LBLOCK on, the more liquid the token will be. In addition, every time a new listing is secured, the number of market participants who become aware of the existence of this innovative gaming platform should increase.

Lucky Block’s Head of Product Addresses Questions About V1 and V2 Tokens

There has been some confusion about the differences between the V1 and V2 tokens. The V1 token was introduced primarily for gaming purposes and it can still be traded on DEXs. The 12% tax is still functioning but liquidity is now being diverted primarily to the V2 version as the developing team considers it the future of the platform.

V1 token holders had the opportunity to convert their holdings into V2 tokens at a conversion ratio of 0.88 V2 per every V1 they had in their possession. However, the team alerted the community to do this once the V2 went live on LBank.

Moving forward, the only way to make the exchange would be once the Lucky Block Bridge is launched. According to Ribaudo, this feature should be live within the next 60 days.

Ribaudo also stated that the V1 token will have its own marketing website very soon. This website will focus primarily on the gaming side of the project while the V2 will be the best alternative for traders as it will be listed on top CEX and DEXs.

Some community members have been hesitant about the changes made to the project’s value proposition, which was initially gaming. However, the team has assured them that the creation of the V2 tokens will bring nothing but benefits as it should result in price increases.

If the price of the V2 token increases, so will the value of the V1 token offering high potential upside for V1 token holders.

Update – LBLOCK V2 will be listed on exchange in September, rated #5 in the industry for trading volume – that could be a bullish catalyst for V2.

Lucky Block Launches New NFT Competitions Collection

Along with the V2 release, the project has also launched new collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will allow investors to participate in competitions whose rewards go from $1 million in BTC to a Lamborghini.

These new collections can be bought on the NFT LaunchPad website and the floor price of most of them is 0.66 BNB. The winners of the competition will be selected once all the NFTs are sold. In the case of the $1 million house in the UK competition, the team has created 9,999 NFTs.

Meanwhile, the nearly 2,000 investors who bought the Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFT from Lucky Block will also be participating in upcoming PRC-exclusive competitions whose prices will be equally attractive.

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