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A couple of days ago, the head of product for Lucky Block, Terence Ribaudo, held an ask-me-anything (AMA) event to address some of the most pressing matters and doubts that holders of LBLOCK may have about the project’s current state and future.

Many of the questions that Ribaudo answered were related to the V1 token, which has been relatively left out of the conversation by the developing team as they have been focusing almost entirely on the deployment of V2.

In regards to what V1 holders should expect, Ribaudo first clarified that this token is primarily used for the gaming side of the business model and that all rewards offered to those who invested in that token will be maintained.

In addition, the product manager mentioned that the Lucky Block BEP-ETH Bridge, which will permit V1 holders to convert their tokens into LBLOCK V2, should be finalized in 60 days or so even though he abstained from providing an exact date.

Once the bridge is live, V1 holders will receive 0.94 V2 tokens for every token of the former version they hold. Currently, the bridge is being audited by Certik as this is a requirement of the Binance Smart Chain to support the protocol.

No Limit for Number of CEX Listings, Says Ribaudo

In regards to upcoming CEX listings of the V2 token, Ribaudo emphasized that the team has not set a limit to the number of centralized exchanges that they will be considering to list LBLOCK V2.

According to Ribaudo, the team is in talks with as many as 7 different platforms. In the past few days, the LBLOCK V2 token was successfully listed on LBANK and MEXC. This resulted in an immediate boost to the price of the token as investors appear to have been attracted to the ecosystem’s value proposition.

“At the moment we are focused on building functionality first, getting as many CEX listings as possible”, he stated in regards to the team’s current priorities.

lblock v2 price chart lbank

LBLOCK/USDT price chart – Source: LBank

On LBANK, the value of LBLOCK is rising 16.9% in the past 24 hours at $0.002638 per coin. Meanwhile, the token is also rising 14.7% on MEXC at $0.002487 per coin.

What is Lucky Block V2?

Lucky Block V2 is the new version of the native token of this decentralized gaming platform. The developing team created the V2 so the token could be listed on centralized exchanges such as LBANK and MEXC to increase liquidity, raise awareness, and reach a larger number of investors.

The original version of the LBLOCK token charged a 12% transaction fee on sales to discourage speculative behavior. Centralized exchanges do not endorse these taxes and, therefore, the condition had to be removed to get the token listed.

Alongside the launch of LBLOCK V2, the team changed the platform’s business model and now users can participate in competitions by acquiring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The prizes of these competitions go from $1 million in Bitcoin (BTC) to a Lamborghini.

Ribaudo clarified in the AMA that the new competition NFTs should be made available to the investment community within the next 7 days. In addition, those who bought the project’s previous NFTs known as the Platinum Roller Club (PRC) NFTs will still be compensated as promised for holding on to these assets.

In this regard, the head of product stated that PRC holders will be entitled to receive a share of the revenues collected from the sale of the new competition NFTs, which will be paid on LBLOCK.

However, he clarified that the team has not yet determined the “exact method” for this and will share more information once they do.

Other innovative projects are also attracting the investment community’s interest as is the case of Tamadoge (TAMA). This token is designed to power the Tamaverse, a virtual reality ecosystem that will allow users to mint a Tamadoge pet, feed it, raise it, and eventually battle other players to earn rewards.

More information about this innovative metaverse project can be found on Tamadoge’s official website.

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