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Lucky Block crypto games platform’s $1 million draw winners have received their first daily payment. The prize draws took place yesterday at 8pm BST.

The success of the draws is a major product delivery achievement by the team, whose LBLOCK token only started trading at the end of January. Lucky Block’s prize draw also demonstrates the utility value of the Web3, where decentralised applications deliver more efficient and transparent consumer services.

Aside from the main draw of $1 million, there was also a $1 million special prize draw to which each owner of the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT was automatically entered into.

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With its proven revenue stream – around 30,000 tickets were sold for the main prize draw at $5 each, paid for with the LBLOCK token – Lucky Block is arguably one of the best long-term crypto investments right now..

Here are the $ million winners’ first blockchain payment details:

Jackpot winner ($1 million paid in LBLOCK tokens, distributed daily):

First daily payment to the main prize draw jackpot can be viewed here:

NFT Winner ($1 million paid in LBLOCK tokens, distributed daily):

First daily payment to the NFT prize draw winner can be viewed here:

Winning tokens are sent to the Lucky Block marketing wallet and then distributed daily at a value of $2739.72. The conversion rate to LBLOCK tokens is made at midnight BST each day.

All transactions can of course be viewed on the blockchain.

How the draws were made fair and transparent

You can view the Chainlink random number selection transaction for the main jackpot winner here:

The NFT winner was selected by a number picker algo from a JSON file

There are 10,000 Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, with each NFT giving owners automatic entry to the daily NFT prize draws due to begin on 6th June 2022.

Prior to the special $1 million NFT draw yesterday, 2,671 were sold.

The chances of winning the $1 million prize must have been the best odds ever to be made available for such a large prize.

Swae Lees hosted the NFT $1 million draw

The Launch Party at which US rapper Swae Lee hosted the NFT draw special prize draw with Lucky Block ambassador Jamie Jewitt of Love Island fame on hand, was streamed on YouTube and Twitch and went out across Lucky Block’s social channels.

Daily $10k minimum prize draws start Monday 6th June

Following on from the $1 million draws will be the main daily draws, beginning on Monday 6th June and taking place at 20:00 BST every day.

The minimum amount available to be won in each daily draw is set at $10,000, paid in LBLOCK, but could be more depending on ticket sales.

The Lucky Block web app is buy tickets for the daily jackpot draws is at the link.

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