lucky bridge explained

The Lucky Block bridge is coming soon. The official announcement from the Lucky Block team said the bridge would go live on October 3. The bridge is expected to pump the values of LBLOCK V1 and LBLOCK V2 tokens. The news of the bridge’s launch is already narrowing the spread between V1 and V2.

Lucky Block’s upcoming bridge

LBLOCK V1 and V2 tokens are already reacting positively. At the time of writing, LBLOCK V1 is trading at $0.000514, while V2 is trading at $0.000916, according to CoinMarketCap. As the prices show, the spread between the two tokens has narrowed as news of the upcoming bridge continues to elicit excitement from the community.

The Lucky Block ETH bridge is nearing completion. The bridge is currently undergoing an audit by CertiK to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit once the bridge goes live. A penetration testing for the same is also underway.

The introduction of this bridge will provide seamless transfers between the LBLOCK V1 and V2 tokens. The Lucky Block team launched the LBLOCK V2 token because of the impossibility of getting the V1 BEP-20 token listed on centralized exchanges.

Getting V1 listed on CEXs was difficult because of a 12% tax on sales imposed by the best DeFi exchanges, such as PancakeSwap. After the bridge goes live, the only theoretical difference between V1 and V2 is this tax. However, with V1 narrowing the gap with V2 already, parity could be achieved soon.

The V2 token does not come with the 12% tax, which is why it is suitable for CEXs and traders. However, members of the Lucky Block community who want to derive utility need the V1 token.

V1 provides utility for its holders to be eligible for rewards from the Lucky Block crypto games ecosystem. V1 is needed to buy entry tickets for the daily prize draw jackpot. One of the plans within the Lucky Block roadmap is to have users run the jackpot as a decentralized autonomous organization. The utility provided by V1 makes it one of the most undervalued cryptos in the market.

The Lucky Block NFT Competitions platform is also live. Participants are required to buy NFT minted for each prize. Some prizes to be won include a house, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, etc. Holders of these NFTs will also be eligible for rewards from the transaction fee pool.

Where to buy Lucky Block V1 and V2 tokens

One of the core objectives of Lucky Block is to have the V1 and V2 tokens available to the entire crypto community by listing them on top decentralized exchanges and CEXs.

The V1 token is already listed on the PancakeSwap DEX. On the other hand, V2 first started trading on the LBank exchange on July 27. Since then, the token has also been listed on MEXC Global.

On September 1, V2 went live on the exchange, which ranks as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes. More CEX listings will be pursued in the coming months, resulting in notable gains for V2.


Lucky Block - Undervalued Crypto

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