Lucky Block has recommenced its token burn schedule. According to the Lucky Block team, 1% of the total supply of LBLOCK tokens has been burnt.

LBLOCK to Benefit from the Burn

The LBLOCK token was on a downtrend for the better part of October. The digital asset dipped 52.49% following a severe bearish wave in the past month. However, the digital asset is experiencing a price rally this November.

Lucky block 2-11-22

At press time, LBLOCK trades at $0.000225, marking an uptrend of 1.34% in the last 24 hours. The LBLOCK token increased by 2.4% in the past week, indicating growing investor interest in the rewards-driven digital asset.

Lucky Block’s 1% burning schedule would activate a number of strong buying signals in the next few days, giving early investors a chance to lock in profits. Additionally, a burn reduces the availability of a crypto asset, as it permanently removes it from open circulation.

Lucky Block’s manually activated burning system means the team would likely increase the burning percentage in the near future, further causing a severe supply crunch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based digital currency.

Competitions Galore

Lucky Block, launched in early 2022, has become the biggest NFT rewards and competitions platform, boasting a weekly draw for NFTs and real-world utilities.

One such draw is the Bitcoin Millionaire Competition (BTC1M), which has a grand prize of $1 million, payable in the foremost cryptocurrency. To enter, players must purchase one of the 25,000 dedicated digital collectible collections on the Lucky Block Competitions page. Aside from becoming a lucky millionaire, holders of the BTC1M collection can earn regular rewards.

Aside from digital asset rewards, the Lucky Block team also launched a competition campaign targeted at real-world utilities. The 1 Million Dollar House NFT Competition offers participants a chance to win a luxury home worth $1 million. Players need to purchase one of the 10,000 competition NFTs to enter the competition. In true fashion, players earn rewards from the NFTs, and the lucky winner can also claim a monetary equivalent of the prize.

Crypto Gems with 50x Potential on the Horizon

While Lucky Block continues to rake in gains, there are potential 50x returns crypto gems that savvy investors can tap into. The following crypto assets should be a part of every savvy investor’s portfolio.

D2T, the token that powers the Dash 2 Trade platform, will likely pump 50x soon due to its utility potential. Dash 2 Trade aims to make it easier for investors to make informed decisions by offering them all the essential tools and insights. The platform would provide updates on new crypto listings on top centralized exchanges. This and more are what Dash 2 Trade brings to the table.

D2T is still in its presale stage and has so far garnered over 70,000 community members. The D2T token is in its second presale phase and has already gathered $4.1 million from investors. Early-bird investors can purchase the digital asset at a bargain value of $0.05. LBank is expected to make a pre-listing announcement today for the D2T token. This would significantly boost the digital asset’s value in the immediate future.

Another top project making waves is Impact Project. Launched on the green Ethereum blockchain, Impact Project aims to streamline the entire carbon credit ecosystem, allowing anyone to join the fight against climate change. The project has since been dubbed the greenest cryptocurrency in the blockchain space as it battles greenhouse emissions.

IMPT, Impact Project’s token, is also in its second presale phase and has so far generated $11.9 million. Early-bird investors can buy its IMPT token for $0.023.

The final potential 50x crypto is RIA, the ecosystem token for Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. The card game features a free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn mode (P2E). Its F2P feature is suitable for users who love playing card games but don’t want to interact with NFTs. Meanwhile, crypto denizens who prefer the P2E mode can earn RIA tokens as they play.

Calvaria would allow players to gain access to blockchain-based assets and real-world utilities. This would be coupled with advert and sponsorship opportunities for its community of players. Calvaria’s RIA token is also in its presale stage, and investors can get the token for less than a dollar.

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