Luana Pinheiro

Luana Pinheiro will become the first Latin American athlete and the first female UFC fighter to be paid in Bitcoin due to a partnership with Bitwage.

Who is Luana Pinheiro?

Luana Pinheiro is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist (MMA) who is 28 years old. She is currently ranked #15 in the world in the Best Female Strawweight category.

In addition, she is a member of the BH Rhinos and has a pro-MMA record of 10-1-0. (Win-Loss-Draw) and is currently on an eight-match winning streak. She recently made headlines for her collaboration with Bitwage.

What is Bitwage?

Bitwage provides payroll services. Bitwage is unlike other payroll suppliers; instead, it specializes in paying employees in virtual currency such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rather than cash.

Partnership of Luana Pinheiro with Bitwage

A recent news article reported the UFC fighter’s partnership with the payroll service provider Bitwage. Due to this collaboration, Luana Pinheiro would be the first female Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athlete to be paid in Bitcoin. It was later confirmed by a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Influence of Matheus Nicholau

Pinheiro’s boyfriend, Matheus Nicholas, might have influenced this partnership. Matheus Nicolau is also a Brazilian MMA fighter, competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Flyweight division (UFC).

Since March 2022, he has been ranked #7 in the flyweight UFC class. In the same month, he partnered with Bitwage, and his collaboration seemed to impact his girlfriend, who opted for it too positively.

Matheus was asked about his girlfriend partnering with Bitwage; he replied, “Luana’s joining me in going onto the Bitcoin standard makes me very happy. I am more than confident that bold and courageous steps taken today will be a huge win in the future for both of us. We stand and do things together, united and fully in sync, because that is how we are never above, never below, but always beside each other.”

As a result, both fighters have accepted the Bitcoin Standard, acknowledged a preference for low-time training. Furthermore, they highlighted how those traits translate to their financial security and patience.

Why did Pinheiro decide to sign this deal?

Luana Pinheiro was very impressed by the sincerity and passion of Bitwage. Pinheiro said she was utterly taken aback by what she saw as Bitwage flew in to discuss the switch to a Bitcoin Standard with Nicolau.

Therefore, she would not have taken the risk of not investing in Bitcoin. Pinheiro mainly chose to work with Bitwage because of her personal experience with Brazil.

What does the couple have to say about the currency?

When asked about the current bear phase that the coin, BTC, is experiencing, she stated that she does not have a problem with it. She said, “I don’t think I’ll have a problem if Bitcoin goes up or down.” It would not rise if it were not volatile.

Consider this: it takes an average of 10–15 years to obtain a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, so my time preference here is at least as long. “

Nicolau agreed with his partner’s choice for low-time and emphasized the importance of acting for his future family and his benefit. He concluded the conversation by saying, “Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with the unprepared.”


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