Exorde is an exciting new protocol that is taking Bitcoin price predictions to a whole new level. With an accuracy rate of over 60%, the Exorde Protocol and the Exorde Index can help traders become more consistently profitable by providing relevant information to make better trading decisions.

The best thing about Exorde is that the entire system is decentralized, allowing it to scrape information from the whole internet to be used in its prediction models.

The platform isn’t just limited to trading predictions and has a plethora of professional use cases for its internet scraping system.

Exorde Protocol Helping to Process Data Across the Entire Web

Exorde is a web3 protocol that allows developers to crawl and link all public data on the web easily.

The internet is an incredibly vast pit of endless information that can be processed and used in a variety of different ways. With close to 7.7 exabytes of data per day flowing through the web, Exorde provides a method to track and aggregate this data through a robust decentralized and open-source protocol.

The system allows developers to take and scrape public information from the web – such as social network posts, press articles, news reports, photos, videos, etc. – and then process this information in a decentralized data pipeline that gives output data graphs that link all similar data and facts.

The data outputs can then be processed further according to various use cases ranging from filtering fake news to finding the best NFTs on the market that hasn’t surged in price. It can also be used to create data marketplaces and high-speed APIs that allow website owners to embed Exorde data into their sites.

However, one of the best key features of the protocol is the ability to help traders improve their trading decisions and become better traders.

Here’s how.

Exorde Index Providing High-Accuracy Trading Predictions

The Exorde Index is a platform from Exorde that provides price predictions for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The platform has a range of features that includes:

  • Predictions with a high accuracy ratio.
  • Tracking the sentiment of crypto.
  • Web Trends in Real Time.
  • Worldwide data.

The system uses the data collected from the Exorde Protocol to train their Exorde Index prediction models and provide an evaluation of crypto prices over the next hour. Soon, the predictions will be extended to various timeframes that include predictions over the next 24 hours.

The system has a very high success rate that reaches upward of 60% correct predictions since the implementation of its latest model.

The Exorde Index also provides a system to track the overall sentiment of crypto across the entire web. The data scraped from the web through the Exorde Protocol utilizes social media sentiment to assess the future direction of prices – which is then fed into the prediction model using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The sentiment analysis allows traders to understand the current sentiment across a range of coins to be more informed about the industry’s mood. It provides up to 28 different sentiment categories, including neutral, fear, greed, surprise, anger, and annoyance.

The decentralized model of Exorde allows the collection of data to be incredibly fast. In addition, it provides real-time data analysis across a plethora of topics.

Upcoming Decision Tools Set to Help Traders Reach New Levels

One of the upcoming tools for the Exorde Index is the unique decision support tool – specifically designed for traders to help them reach new levels.

The decision support tool will provide price fluctuations for each token and related sentiment data to help them make better trading decisions. Having knowledge regarding overall sentiment for a coin offers valuable insight into when a trader should be entering and exiting the market, providing them with the required information to time their positions.

Furthermore, the support tool will also alert traders when specific fundamental drivers occur within the market. For example, if a market-moving Tweet goes viral, the system will instantly alert traders, so they are aware of the current market dynamic.

The great thing about Exorde is that it retrieves data from all languages, meaning it can provide a worldwide sentiment analysis – regardless of the country or language. So whether it’s Asia or Europe causing the market to shift, traders will have a comprehensive overview of the entire sentiment across the globe.

Backed By High Profile Investors

The project has already raised a total of $2.5 million for the native EXD utility token used in scraping data through the Exorde Protocol. In addition, the project gained widespread attention and was mentioned amongst the top 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in Winter 2022 by CoinList.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Exorde has a wide range of high-profile backers that include:

  • Gate.io Labs
  • Insignius Capital
  • Palar Capital
  • Vespertine Capital.
  • OXO Capital
  • DWF Labs


Overall, Exorde and Exorde Index are already taking Bitcoin Price Predictions to a new level, which hasn’t previously been seen in the industry. Their current prediction model for Bitcoin prices already has an accuracy of 60%. The great thing about the model is that it will continue to become increasingly accurate as more players enter the decentralized web scraping system to provide the model with more data.

Over time, Exorde Index will become one of the prominent players providing cryptocurrency price predictions across a wide range of different tokens.

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