LATOKEN has had a rough few weeks, with the token plunging to $0.025 earlier this month. Recovery is not in sight, as investors continue to dump the token. The growing investor traffic to presale projects like Metropoly hints at the new wave of interest in tokens that serve real-world utilities.

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Tokens like LATOKEN are Fading into Obscurity

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties. It lowers the entry barrier to the global real estate market and makes real estate assets available for as low as $100.

LATOKEN, on the other hand, is the utility token of LACHAIN, which claims to be the gateway to the Web3 future for the masses. How? It makes it easier to launch or manage assets and protocols across chains with L0 and bridges secured by L1 on-chain validation for DeFi, NFTs, Metas, and games. It “simplifies your journey into the crypto world by resolving the most common headaches of users across chains, including the complicated process of paying for gas, lack of interoperability between chains, liquidity fragmentation, and ineffective cross-chain yield management”.

Metropoly Platform Mobile

Unless you’re a developer or really interested in the intricacies of blockchain, you’re unlikely to get a grasp of the project. At the heart of it, LACHAIN aims to nurture an ecosystem that is interoperable and secure. That’s a good value proposition as far as blockchain projects are concerned. But it’s also vague. LACHAIN has had little going on in the last few months, especially since the crypto crash of late 2022. It has shed its market cap to $13,480,840 over the months. Worst yet, the token price is down to $0.03547 at the time of this writing, from an all-time high of $26.01. That’s a whopping 99.84% drop.

Sadly, many tokens are facing the same crisis. If LACHAIN has reached a standstill unable to take its vision forward, many projects don’t have a vision to begin with. The tangible application of blockchain technology where it matters, as opposed to quick cash-grab schemes, is the new trend. As it gains strength, tokens that solely rely on hype and fantasies will inevitably continue to lose value with no signs of return. Having realized this, investors have been dumping these tokens over the last few months.

The funds are plowed into cryptocurrencies that have a purpose in the real world. Not just the parallel world of cryptocurrencies. Even as crypto regulations strengthen, utility-rich cryptocurrencies and NFTs will enter the mainstream. The key is to prove the market relevance of their blockchain application when compared to traditional counterparts. A good example of this shift in narrative is Metropoly, the trending NFT project that decentralizes the global real estate market. Let’s see how.

Real Estate Investments Starting at $100

Real estate is one of the most attractive investment assets. It is safe and highly rewarding. As the population grows, so does the demand for land and buildings – whether it is for living, business, or leisure. Moreover, it is tangible. You need not learn advanced trading to understand how the real estate market works, unlike the stock or crypto markets.

Metropoly NFT Marketplace

But how many of us channel our savings to the real estate market as an investment?

It’s about time the financial barrier to the real estate market is lowered. If not, it will deepen the gap between the poor and the rich. While the centralized traditional market doesn’t have a solution to the problem, Metropoly believes that blockchain technology can decentralize the market.

Let’s say a real estate asset costs $1M. A group of people from unprivileged backgrounds, who have nothing more than $100 in savings, want to invest in the property. It is nearly impossible to divide the property among 10,000 people in the traditional market, as that would entail a lot of paperwork and legal complexities. To circumvent that, one person could own the property legally and agree to share the monthly income from the property and the resale proceeds with the remaining 9999 people.

Dizzying as that is, let’s say we want to execute that. But how can you trust this person? And, what if you want to transfer your share of the property to someone else before a change of hands?

That’s the reason real estate properties are confined to the rich now. We can’t navigate the problem in the traditional setup. But using blockchain technology, we can turn the asset into an NFT and divide it among 10,000 people as fractional NFTs of $100 each. The payment of the monthly income and the proceeds from the resale will be automatically executed by the blockchain-run smart contract, without giving you a headache. And that’s exactly what the Metropoly NFT marketplace does.

Comparison Between Metropoly and Traditional Real Estate Investments

Metropoly vs Traditional Real Estate

  • With Metropoly, you don’t have to deal with the banks or do tiring paperwork. Instead, you’re investing in a fractional NFT 100% backed by real-world properties. It is fast, easy, and cheap.
  • Metropoly NFT assets are available for as low as 100 USD. It doesn’t just lower the initial capital, but also allows you to diversify your real estate portfolio.
  • Metropoly NFT assets give you monthly passive income and undergo value appreciation just like their traditional counterpart.
  • High liquidity. If it takes months for a traditional market to change hands, the Metropoly NFT marketplace brings down the duration to just a few minutes.
  • The hassles of maintenance and finding tenants are taken care of by the Metropoly team based in London, Dubai, and Ontario.

The first beta version of Metropoly NFT Marketplace went live in January 2023. The second version is now live with upgrades to features like trading, auctions, and mortgage. The dashboard looks promising and instills faith in the project.

Invest in Real Estate Through Metropoly

The METRO Presale is Still Open

If you’re looking for an early entry into Metropoly, the METRO presale is an excellent opportunity. The token is selling for a discounted price at the presale, which has been seeing traffic from both crypto and traditional real estate communities. The current price for the token is $0.0625, which is expected to increase when the next milestone is reached. When compared to established, high-cap cryptocurrencies, METRO has a larger room for growth, thus promising higher returns. (Use the bonus code Launch20 to get an additional 20% on your purchases.)

Early investors also get entry to the Metropoly $1M Burj Khalifa giveaway by completing the tasks listed under the contest.

How to buy METRO: A quick guide

Step 1: Get a crypto wallet: Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Step 2: Investors need to own Ether, Tether or BNB, which will be exchanged for METRO tokens

Step 3: Link wallet on

Step 4: Buy METRO tokens!

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