MMAG presale starts today bang

ICOs are a popular way for investors to gain access to good prices for early stage projects, and these a series of presales over the course of 2022 have performed incredibly well.

Projects such as Lucky Block and Tamadoge have both excelled since their presales, and continue to develop on their ecosystems to develop in their niche.

One new project that is garnering a lot of investor attention is Meta Masters Guild, whose presale began earlier today and has already managed to raise an impressive $30k.

A gaming guild that creates its own games

Gaming guilds exploded in popularity over the course of 2021, with giants such as Merit Circle and Yield Guild Games accelerating their user adoption exponentially and creating thriving ecosystems.

Gaming guilds provide a way for users to participate in play to earn games without a lot of the upfront capital that is required to do so, through a series of gaming scholarships and other such mechanics – it is through these mechanics that Axie Infinity was first able to kick off with such a bang in 2020 and 2021.

Meta Masters Guild is special in that the team are focused on creating a series of their own games for their community, which ought to provide a range of different revenue sources for the project moving forward.

Race karts in the metaverse – a play and earn phenomenon

Meta Masters Guild’s first game is focused around racing in the metaverse with a premier kart racing game.

There are three different factions in the game: cyber, punks and apes, and these three different factions are poised to battle against one another for supremacy and to win rewards denominated in the MEMAG token.

As such, the project is aiming to position itself as a premier play and earn racing phenomenon over the course of the coming months, with their focus on gaming, play and earn, and NFTs all forming a part of their ecosystem.

Win $100k in MEMAG tokens for participating in the presale

As an extra incentive for participating in the MEMAG presale, the team have decided to allocate $100k worth of tokens to those who participate in the presale and hold MEMAG tokens in their wallet at the time of prize draw.

This added incentive is sure to help push the presale along, and a brilliant way for the team at Meta Masters Guild to develop.

The presale has kicked off with a bang

The MEMAG presale started today and has kicked off with a bang and has already managed to raise an impressive $30k despite only commencing hours ago.

This is a significant achievement and a sure sign of things to come as the community leaders continue to promote the project vigorously.

Those who wish to participate in the MEMAG presale can now do so one their website, where the token can be acquired with ETH and USDT.

Currently, the price of the token stands at just $0.007, but given that the presale is being conducted in a series of stages this is set to gradually rise, with the price moving to $0.01 at the next stage of the presale.

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