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The Metropoly Presale recently crossed the $830,000 threshold after two thousand people flocked to the fundraising for the world’s first NFT marketplace filled with NFTs backed by real estate. The project seeks to totally revolutionize real estate investment by democratizing the sector and opening the doors to the broader market through fractional ownership.

With the presale sitting in its final stages, it seems that investors waiting on the sidelines have finally taken the dive into the presale as their chance to invest quickly grows thin. Keep reading to learn why over two thousand people have invested in Metropoly.

Two Thousand Investors Push Metropoly Fundraising Above $830,000

The Metropoly presale has now seen over two thousand investors walk through its doors as the fundraising passed the $800,000 level earlier in the week. The presale is for the METRO token, the native token behind the NFT marketplace, and will be used as a transaction and rewards token on the platform.

The presale is currently in the ninth stage, selling METRO for a price of $0.0625. This is the final stage in the presale, meaning that it’s your last chance to invest at presale prices before the token is listed on Tier-1 exchanges. The team has stated that they will announce any potential centralized exchange listings closer to the end date of the current presale, which is scheduled for March 21st, 2023.

Those that invest a minimum of $100 into the METRO presale can still enter into the $1 million Burj Khalifa luxury apartment giveaway that’s still up for grabs. The team estimates that the winner of this luxury penthouse can expect to earn around $100,000 in rental yield. The giveaway is designed to bring attention to the Metropoly platform and showcase the types of properties that the team is adding to the portfolio. Users need to complete a string of tasks on Gleam to participate in this giveaway, including joining the Discord/Telegram channels, following on Twitter, and subscribing to the newsletter.

Why are Late Comers Flocking to Metropoly?

With the Metropoly presale only recently crossing the $800,000 level, you might be wondering what’s attracting a string of latecomers to the fundraising. Well, the primary reasons behind the recent uptick in investment are largely due to the fact that the presale is now in the final stage, and the team recently announced that the Metropoly Marketplace is officially scheduled to ship on May 1st, 2023. This means that investors looking to start their real estate journeys will be able to start buying property on the marketplace from the date.

In addition, Metropoly recently added additional languages to its platform, attracting whales from different parts of the world. The team added language support for the following languages; Dutch, Korean, Turkish, Russian, and Norwegian. Investors from these countries will likely quickly jump into the presale after learning this is the final stage.

How Does Metropoly Revolutionize Real Estate Investment?


Metropoly is on a mission to make real estate investments as accessible to everybody in the world as possible. The project has created a groundbreaking NFT marketplace that is filled with NFTs that are all backed by real-world real estate properties. The platform allows crypto heads to get started with their real estate journey in a matter of seconds by purchasing NFTs on the marketplace.

The project is on a mission to change the way that real estate investment is made by bringing everything online. According to their whitepaper, almost 90% of all real estate investment is still conducted offline, which can often take months before a deal is secured. Furthermore, traditional real estate investment also involves invasive credit checks, consistent communication with banks, and mountains of paperwork.

Metropoly is seeking to change this dynamic by opening up real estate investment to everybody without the need to take out an expensive mortgage or fill out hours of paperwork. What’s best about the NFT marketplace is that anybody can invest, regardless of geographical location.

Another reason why Metropoly can revolutionize real estate investing is that users can get started with as little as $100. Other blockchain-based real estate investment platforms, such as Propy, cannot offer this feature. Instead, users on Propy still need to pay for the entire property through traditional payment methods such as a wire transfer.

Investors on Metropoly can get started with as little as $100 through the magic of fractional ownership. All properties on the Metropoly Marketplace are broken down into small pieces and then tokenized as individual NFTs, allowing investors to invest in fractional ownership of a specific property.

Owning one of the NFTs grants the holders all the investment benefits as if they had invested in the property through traditional methods. For example, the NFT holder can easily take advantage of any capital appreciation on the property by selling their NFT at any time in the marketplace. Furthermore, they’re also entitled to the rental yield – providing them with a genuinely passive income.

Is the Income Really Passive?

The income on the Metropoly Marketplace is genuinely passive because the Metropoly team handles all of the property management. Rental yield has long been known as one of the most reliable sources of cash flow, which is one of the major reasons why the world’s wealthiest 1% of individuals chose real estate to grow their fortune.

Metropoly will ensure that each property in its portfolio is adequately maintained. They will also ensure that there is a tenant at each property paying rent each month. As a result, investors seeking a passive income simply need to purchase an NFT from the marketplace and then leave the NFT in their wallet to receive their proportionate share of the rental income, distributed to their wallets in stablecoins.

Last Chance To Invest is Running Thin

With the launch of the Metropoly Marketplace being scheduled for May 1st, 2023, time is running thin if you’re interested in investing. The current stage of the presale is now the final stage, providing you with the opportunity to purchase METRO before the token finally hits tier-1 centralized exchanges.

As mentioned, the current price of the presale is set at $0.0625. The team has stated that they plan to launch the token on exchanges at a price of $0.1, meaning that if you invest in this stage, you can still likely bank significant profits as soon as the token hits exchanges.

Overall, with the launch date in sight, it seems that investors previously waiting for more information have finally received their signal to enter the presale, pushing it beyond the $800,000 level. Once the marketplace goes live, it will attract a wave of users seeking to diversify their crypto portfolios into more stable, real-world assets.