RIA, the native token for the Calvaria blockchain ecosystem, is now in its final presale stage. Only 31% of the asset is available for purchase.

RIA Enters Final Presale Stage

RIA has reached the end of its presale, and 69% of the tokens have already been sold. With the fifth stage of the presale now live, each RIA token sells for $0.032, an increase from the $0.025 price the asset commanded just a few days ago.

The RIA token has raised $2.1 million out of the total $3 million that the asset’s developers planned. With the final presale stage now set, investors have an interesting opportunity to make gains using this asset.

Initially, the asset’s developers planned that the RIA presale would last for ten stages, with the token’s value rising from $0.010 at the first stage to $0.055 at the final one. However, they shared an update last week confirming that they would cut the presale short and finish it after the fifth stage.

While explaining their reasons, the asset’s developers pointed to the current market condition and a desire not to overstretch the presale for so long. In order to drive optimal value for the token’s holders and investors, they decided to complete the presale much earlier.

They also confirmed that they had secured partnerships with a few centralized exchanges in order to conduct a possible initial exchange offering (IEO). However, nothing has been shared just yet.

It is also worth noting that Calvaria’s developers have secured partnerships with MEXC and LBank, two of the world’s largest centralized exchange platforms, to list the token as soon as the presale is over. Both are highly liquid exchanges that provide massive liquidity for users who want to trade their RIA.

Investors looking to buy RIA following the presale will also be able to do so via these exchanges.

Powering A Strong Gaming Ecosystem

RIA is powered by the Calvaria ecosystem. It is a new blockchain gaming platform that is set to launch soon. The game transports players to an afterlife-themed metaverse where they can purchase non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards.

The game’s objective is for players to use these cards to build decks, compete with others, and earn tokens in return. Calvaria’s developers also organize competitions and other community initiatives where players can participate and get rewarded.

With RIA, Calvaria’s players can make seamless NFT purchases within the game’s in-app marketplace. The crypto asset can also be swapped for eRIA, the token players get when they win battles within the game.

RIA also has intrinsic value because it is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin. This means holders can stake the token to earn more units and participate in governance via Calvaria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

For players who would like to participate in the game’s competitions, RIA is also the channel through which they can do so.

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