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The meme coin market has taken a positive turn today, with a staggering $1 billion trading volume and growth of 14.29% in the last 24 hours.

This surge in market activity has sparked a new rally in meme coins, with $KEK emerging as the latest standout, skyrocketing by an impressive 151% in just one day.

However, there is uncertainty over $KEK’s lack of intrinsic drive to foster longevity.

As a result, many investors are turning their attention to $WSM, an emerging meme sensation with strong community backing and the potential to hit a moonshot.

$KEK Price Pumps Lacks Sustainability

The $KEK token symbolizes the power of the archaic Egyptian god Kek and the buzzing online meme community.

The meme coin features the popular green frog character similar to $PEPE. In the past 24 hours, $KEK has ignited a resurgence in the meme crypto genre, surging by 151% at press time.

$KEK TOKEN meme coins

With its current price pump, the digital asset trades at $3.22e-8, with a 24-hour impressive trading volume of over $7 million.

Beyond doubt, the meme sensation is creating dominance in the crypto space today. However, the main catalyst for its sudden price surge remains unclear.

Some crypto enthusiasts believe the broader bullish sentiment of $PEPE might be contributing to the ongoing uptrend momentum.

Others speculate that the latest announcement of plans to list on the Index trading platform next week could also be a factor.

However, $ KEK’s lack of intrinsic utility or a clear drive for advancement and innovation casts a shadow over its long-term market outlook.

As a result, crypto traders are turning to Wall Street Memes ($WSM), an emerging meme coin that boasts strong backing from over 1 million community members.

$WSM – The Best Bet for Uptrend Gains and Market Longevity

Since its launch on May 26th, Wall Street Memes ($WSM) has raised over $12.7 million in its presale from early investors, an impressive feat for a meme coin.

The project’s community has united to offer unrivaled support and investment, which is growing to become an iconic symbol for the crypto meme community.

wall street meme coin

The buzzing attraction generated by its presale shows no signs of abating, as more investors eagerly come aboard as its presale edges toward a finish line.

Wall Street Memes emerged as a community stemming from the GameStop stocks controversy in 2021 and the enduring legacy of the heroic movement led by Reddit’s Wall Street Bets.

The platform combines elements of the internet culture, meme humor, and the financial world.

Its primary goal is to satirize and mock the traditional financial system while offering members the chance to engage in cryptocurrency investments.

To achieve this objective, Wall Street Memes created the $WSM token to enable members to showcase their support by investing and earning massive returns in the short term.

While it may lack utility drive, $WSM represents a strong community of over one million members and aims to empower regular investors to generate wealth through meme coins.

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$WSM Red-Hot Presale Is Fast-Selling: Buy Today for High Gains

At press time, $WSM is in stage 21 of its presale and trades at $0.031 per token.

The meme token has garnered over $12.7 million in just a few weeks of its launch. This is a strong bullish indicator of its future performance.

Additionally, the strong support from its online community has increased the likelihood of the token being listed on tier-1 exchanges.

Considering these factors, $WSM edges $KEK as the best token with growth and longevity potentials.

Value-driven investors can leverage the discounted price and purchase $WSM to earn significant gains.

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