A new crypto-powered move-to-(M2E) earn platform called Fight Out has arrived to revolutionize the fitness industry. Fight Out is currently building a web3 fitness ecosystem designed to get gymgoers hooked to their workout routines by rewarding its users with crypto every time they work out.

Existing M2E platforms like STEPN and Sweatcoin have already had some success doing this. Both platforms reward users with crypto for movement that can be tracked via GPS, thus incentivizing exercise. But Fight Out’s platform will take a more holistic approach to tracking exercise, allowing users to receive rewards for a range of exercise types beyond running, jogging and walking.

Fight Out is currently building an all-in-one fitness application that will provide users with all they need to get started on their fitness journey – workout tutorials and tips, workout programs and progress tracking will all be included. But Fight Out will go way beyond your typical fitness application.

Users will be able to increase their crypto earnings from working out by competing in competitions and completing fitness challenges. There will also be a social element to Fight Out’s web3 platform – users will be able to create blockchain-based soul-bound avatars that they can upgrade over time as they progress through their fitness journey.

And Fight Out users will be able to interact with one another within via these avatars within a metaverse-like setting. The web3 fitness start-up also plans on setting up physical gyms across major global cities, creating a bridge between its digital ecosystem and the real world.

Sound Good? Secure FGHT Tokens Now to Join the Fitness Revolution

For those who struggle with exercise motivation, Fight Out is offering a novel approach to rekindling/sparking a passion for fitness. Luckily, those interested in taking part in Fight Out’s fitness revolution can secure early access at a highly discounted price.

Membership to Fight Out’s various exercise programs will be paid for by the platform’s native crypto token called FGHT – this token will power Fight Out’s web3 ecosystem. To fund the development of its platform and ecosystem, the start-up is currently conducting a presale of its FGHT token.

In just a few weeks since the launch of the presale, the project has already raised over a whopping $3.7 million. FGHT tokens were last selling for 0.01875 USDT, though that price is incrementally increasing every day until it eventually reaches a maximum price of 0.0333 USDT on the 15th of March.

The presale then scheduled to end on the 31st of March. However, the presale could well end before then if sales continue at the current rate. Fight Out has set a $15 million hard cap to the presale.

Some crypto analysts and observers have said that FGHT could go a lot higher when FGHT lists across cryptocurrency exchanges in April. So users who want to join the Fight Out fitness revolution ought to move quickly to secure tokens while they are at a discount, rather than potentially being forced to pay through the nose to take part down the line.

Early adopters should note that Fight Out is offering a very generous bonus scheme for early investors. Presale token buyers can get up to 25% in additional FGHT tokens depending on how large their initial purchase is. They can then get up to another 25% in additional FGHT tokens depending on how long they choose to vest the tokens for.

Readers should also be aware that Fight Out is conducting a $250,000 giveaway that is only eligible to FGHT holders, another reason why they might want to bag FGHT.

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