Is SUI Dead
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Sui recently conducted a presale of its $SUI token for $0.10 per token. Currently, it is trading at $0.96, showing a substantial increase in value.

The token’s trading volume exceeded $2 billion after the launch of Sui’s Layer 1 blockchain mainnet in May, although it has decreased since then.

Nevertheless, the daily transaction volume of $SUI is still over $100 million.

Meanwhile, another emerging crypto project, ecoterra, is catching the attention of investors due to its utility solutions and potential gains.

This eco-friendly project has already raised over $4.6 million through its token presale in just a few months, indicating strong interest from the crypto community.

$SUI Keeps Up Rally Amid Market Downtrend

$SUI is the utility token of Sui, a unique blockchain and smart contract platform meticulously designed to ensure that digital asset ownership is accessible to everyone.

The protocol enables parallel execution, sub-second finality, and the ability to handle diverse on-chain assets using an object-centric model based on the Move programming language.

Thanks to its horizontally scalable processing and storage capabilities, Sui empowers a wide range of applications by delivering unparalleled speed at a low cost.

SUI_1D_graph_coinmarketcap 6/1/23

At press time, the $SUI token is trading at $0.96 with a 24-hour trading volume of $100 million, indicating a surge of 0.50% in the same period.

While $SUI has seen a decline in value of 1.08% in the last seven days, the asset is pushing into the green zone with a 0.53% increase in the last hour.

Despite this positive outlook, the viral sensation $ECOTERRA is garnering more attention in the crypto community by offering incentives while pushing for environmental sustainability.

Ecoterra: Creating a Sustainable Environment for Everyone

Prior to the debut of ecoterra’s innovative ecosystem, several other innovations have been developed to mitigate fossil fuel consumption and achieve zero carbon emissions.


The success of electric vehicles (EVs) and green energy has led to a significant shift from traditional automobiles to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Nonetheless, more solutions are needed to encourage more widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices.

The recycling industry is a critical player in the fight against climate change, yet individuals and institutions have surprisingly overlooked it.

Although recycling is a novel method for achieving a green environment, only a small percentage of people currently participate in recycling efforts.

However, a new crypto project, ecoterra, aims to change the conventional perspective of recycling waste products.

Ecoterra is a blockchain-powered platform that uses the recycle-to-earn (R2E) model to promote environmental sustainability while offering financial rewards.

This innovative approach has attracted a growing community of eco-conscious investors who believe in the potential of this green-focused coin.

With its promising mission and rapidly increasing popularity, ecoterra is emerging as a compelling alternative for those seeking financial gains and a positive impact on the planet.

The project believes this is essential for transitioning to a sustainable industrial landscape free from fossil fuels.

One of the key components of ecoterra is the implementation of reverse vending machines (RVMs).

These machines allow consumers and businesses to recycle their items easily, and in return, they receive the $ECOTERRA tokens as a reward.

These tokens can be used for various purposes, such as selling, holding, staking, or donating to environmental causes.

The platform also includes a carbon offset trade and a trackable impact profile, further enhancing its circular economy efforts.

Overall, Ecoterra’s dedication to leveraging blockchain technology and promoting circular economy practices positions it as a key player in shaping a profitable and environmentally friendly future for humanity.

Purchase the $ECOTERRA Token on Presale

Ecoterra offers a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity through its presale as adoption continues to soar, positively impacting the token’s price.

At press time, the $ECOTERRA token is selling for $$0.0085. However, investors who buy now may see a potential increase of around 30% when it gets listed on the CEX and DEX platforms in the coming months for a price of $0.01.

So far, the green concept project has raised over $4.6 million in the ongoing presale of its token.

Investors may want to tap into this eco-friendly initiative, as ecoterra is expected to play a significant role in global efforts to combat climate change.


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