The Solana Foundation proudly announced that their network has been running without interruptions since February, significantly improving from the outages they faced last year. However, they want to be clear that they can’t promise the network will always perform perfectly in the future.

While they’ve had an excellent track record recently, there are no technological guarantees. Nonetheless, they continuously work to maintain and enhance the network’s stability and reliability for users.

Improving Network Performance and Security

The Solana project has significantly improved its network’s performance and security after facing challenges and setbacks. In February, the network experienced a 20-hour outage due to a software upgrade issue, but the team learned from this experience and implemented changes for positive progress.

Recently, the project published a network performance report for the first time since October 2022, showing significant improvements from February to June 2023. Despite the setback in February, the team’s commitment to enhancing the network’s reliability has led to positive developments in recent months.

To ensure a smoother user experience, external developers and auditors are now more involved in checking upgrades and identifying vulnerabilities. They thoroughly test a trial version called a testnet before any new release is officially launched, helping to discover and address potential issues before they can affect the live network.

Learning from Challenges: Strengthening Solana’s Network Reliability

Facing network outages is an inevitable part of the growth process for any scalable network, according to Dan Albert, the executive director of the Solana Foundation. To address these issues, the core engineers and ecosystem teams have collaborated to learn valuable lessons from past challenges.

In the year’s first half, they prioritized enhancing stability and reliability, resulting in several improvements to the core network software upgrade process.

These steps were taken to make future upgrades smoother and less prone to disruptions, providing users with a better and more dependable experience on the Solana network.

Solana Network Upgrades Showcase Strong Performance and Resilience during Mad Lads Mint Launch

The recent upgrades have significantly improved the network’s ability to handle high traffic, as demonstrated during the successful launch of the Mad Lads mint. Although the NFT project faced some difficulties, including alleged extortion threats and DDOS attacks, the network held up well due to recent improvements.

The upgrades have equipped the Solana network to handle increased activity and demand, which is essential for projects like Mad Lads and other high-traffic applications.

Despite the challenges faced during the launch, it demonstrated the resilience of the network and the efforts made to enhance its overall performance and security.

Solana Network’s Cost-Efficient Solution Empowers NFT Projects and Enhances Decentralization

State compression is another significant improvement highlighted in the report. This method allows the Solana network to store data on-chain more efficiently, significantly reducing costs. For instance, minting 100 million NFTs on Solana now costs much less, around 50 SOL ($1,300).

The network remains secure and reliable, operated by a strong and diverse group of independent validators from around the world. It is one of the most decentralized proof-of-stake blockchains globally, with substantial development over time.

Solana Faces Regulatory Challenges and Navigates Network Resilience Amidst SEC Lawsuit

While network outages were a significant concern in the past, new challenges have emerged. Recently, the SEC considered SOL security in a lawsuit, impacting SOL’s native token with a more than 9% market cap drop.

In response, the Solana Foundation expressed disagreement with the SEC’s stance and aimed to work with policymakers to establish clear regulations for the digital assets industry. They believe constructive collaboration can bring legal clarity for entrepreneurs building in this space.

Despite the hurdles, the foundation remains committed to improving the network’s performance, enhancing its resilience, and addressing regulatory concerns to ensure Solana’s continued growth and success.

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