The explosion of popularity in Chat GPT by Open AI has been one of the fastest adoptions of a new technology that the world has ever experienced, and this has led to a proliferation of new AI projects, such as SingularityNET, which have now entered the market.

Many capital allocators are considering building their portfolios in the AI space, and one of the core contenders at the moment is SingularityNET’s token, AGIX.

Decentralising AI with blockchain

One of the main concerns that has been levied against ChatGPT thus far is the fact that the AI is controlled by a select few programmers, and the AI itself is not open source.

This means that there is not much clarity over what the AI is truly capable of, since many of its abilities have been gated for one reason or another.

This has led to some particularly fascinating examples in which the AI has been exposed to have been programmed with particular biases in favour of Democrat leaders over former Republican presidents.

SingularityNET is creating an AI marketplace

One of the main ways that the team hopes to achieve a technological “singularity” is to develop an AI marketplace in which different softwares can be freely traded and exchanged.

In doing this, they hope to contribute to the outsourcing of new artificial intelligences that can be used to dramatically enhance the efficiency with which society can operate.

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