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After minor gains late on Tuesday night, Wednesday started with Bitcoin suffering a deep dip from $17,012.49 to a 24hr low of $16,750.56 – a sharp fall of 1.5% in just two hours.

Many influential social media traders are now bearish on the short-term price action of BTC and retail investors have been left questioning whether they should buy Bitcoin as we head for the New Year.

However, despite the immediate prospects looking grim, most traders and analysts agree that the medium and long-term prospects for the top coin in crypto remain strong, although it could yet dip further before the end of 2022.

Here, we look at a number of top crypto traders giving their analysis on Bitcoin.

Il Capo of Crypto

The crypto trader successfully called the $69k top in November 2021 and is a highly respected trader with almost 700,000 followers. His analysis has seen him reach the conclusion that BTC – and the rest of the market – will capitulate at some point in the coming weeks, with BTC dropping as low as $12-14k and altcoins falling another 40%.

He has vowed not to Tweet again until his analysis is confirmed and invalidated – with BTC continuing to move sideways, his analysis is still in play.

Daan Crypto Trades

Another respected trader followed by some of the top crypto influences in the space, Daan Crypto Trades belives BTC is dropping to $16,500 in the immediate term before continuing to range.

He also posted a chart that shows BTC is reaching a squeeze point in the coming weeks that will ultimately decide whether the coin moves up or down in the coming weeks.


Another trader with close to 200,000 followers, CryptoBoss1984 has offered retail investors some assurances for the longer term after months of pain.

In two Tweets, the trader says now is the time to accumulate holdings rather than sell – and predicts BTC could pump all the way to $50k in 2023 as the next halving approaches.

Michael van de Poppe

The Dutch CEO of Eight is a highly respected voice in the crypto community and boasts more than 600,000 followers.

His analysis has BTC dropping to $16.5k in the immediate term – although in previous Tweets he remains bullish on the long-term price of the coin

Sheldon The Sniper

Another respected trader and YouTuber, Sheldon The Sniper also believes $16.5k in the immediate term is likely – however he has opened long positions and in a larger thread earlier this week gave his full outlook on BTC before the end of the year.

His analysis says that $12-14k is still in play, but bears are running out of time to realize that. He says he will become fully bullish should BTC rise back above $18,800.

Bitcoin Alternatives

As analysis from the traders above has shown, BTC’s immediate price action remains bearish and could yet reach further lows, with the most bearish predictions seeing Bitcoin reach $12k in the coming weeks.

The majority of crypto traders and influencers in the wider market remain bullish on Bitcoin’s medium and long-term prospects, with a new bull cycle expected in late 2023 as the next Bitcoin halving approaches – with that expected to take place in the first half of 2024.

However, that remains a long road for many investors who seek larger profits on a shorter timeframe.

Throughout the 2022 bear market, the best crypto presale projects have proven to be the most consistent way investors can make huge profits. Projects such as Tamadoge, ApeCoin, STEPN, Aptos and Lucky Block all made early presale investors massive gains that were not replicated in the wider market.

Presales tend to offer larger potential for growth as projects offer tokens at below market value and with small initial market caps – below are two of our top presale projects, that are both set to sell out soon.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Analytics and Intelligence Platform in Final Presale Phase

Dash 2 Trade is a protocol that offers its users a wide range of tools, analytics, indicators and metrics to help them become more profitable traders and investors.

The presale is now in its final stage with tokens on sale for $0.0533 and less than 85 million tokens available – almost $9 million has been raised with $1.5 million raised in the last week alone as investors rush to secure D2T tokens before they sell out.

dash 2 trade 8.95

In the wake of the FTX collapse and wider bear market, investors are crying out for reliable tools that help them make smarter decisions on their crypto.

Dash 2 Trade is the best new crypto to invest in and will offer professional-grade trading tools and measures to help traders become more consistent in their trades and analysis.

That includes a variety of indicators, automated trading APIs and a backtester to test strategies in real market conditions without risking capital. There are also social trading features to connect traders and discuss insights, as well as a risk profiler.

For investors, Dash 2 Trade has developed the Dash Score – a bespoke crypto presale scoring system that will rate and rank the best new crypto presales on the market.

Dash 2 Trade will thoroughly analyze the utility, tokenomics, audit, whitepaper and developers to offer a score out of 100 and help users invest with confidence and avoid scam projects.

The protocol will also sending out trading signals to highlight buying and selling opportunities in the market and alerts on new centralized exchange listings so users can position themselves ahead of pumping coins.

Dash 2 Trade will also track social media sentiment and narrative on leading platforms, whale wallet activity and analyze on-chain data to help traders and investors capitalize on developing trends.

dash 2 trade

D2T tokens are used to access the Dash 2 Trade platform via a three-tiered monthly subscription, while presale tokens have no vesting period.

The project comes from a doxxed and KYC-verified team, while the D2T smart contract has been fully audited. Listings on LBank and BitMart are already confirmed, with other exchanges expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information read through the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper or join the Telegram group.

IMPT – Unique Carbon Offsetting Protocol with Uniswap IEO on December 14

IMPT is one of the most unique new projects in the crypto space and one that aims to help solve a real-world crisis – climate change.

Investors have been rushing to buy IMPT tokens ahead of its presale closing on Sunday, December 11 and have now raised almost $15 million.

impt 14.95m

With its initial exchange offering (IEO) taking place on leading DEX Uniswap on December 14, investors have little time to buy tokens before an expected pump.

In fact, new investors are guaranteed a minimum 10% return on investment with IMPT tokens currently selling for $0.023 in the presale and set to list on Uniswap for $0.0253 – with gains expected to be much larger given the excitement in the project.

IMPT is among our top altcoins on the market because it will help its users offset their carbon footprints and help fight global warming. The project has already partnered with major brands such as Nike, Amazon, Samsung and Dyson as affiliate partners.

The platform works in a number of ways but, essentially, users purchase or acquire IMPT tokens to then convert into carbon credits from green projects, minted as NFTs on the blockchain – which will reduce fraud in the carbon market – with users of IMPT then receiving a score for their carbon-offsetting efforts.

Carbon credits are permits that allow its owners to emit greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, with one carbon credit equalling one ton of CO2.

Investors can do a number of things with carbon credit NFTs – hold them as long-term investments, sell them on the open market or retire them to take them out of circulation and help the planet.

As well as directly purchasing IMPT tokens to convert into carbon credits, users can also earn them while shopping.

IMPT affiliates

Retailers, such as those listed above, offer IMPT tokens as a percentage of a sale back to shoppers to improve their own score and shoppers can, in turn, make greener choices by shopping with retailers that offer a better percentage.

As well as the Uniswap IEO, IMPT will also be listed on centralized exchanges LBank and Changelly Pro – although dates are not yet confirmed – with seven other exchanges confirmed to be in the pipeline.

Read the IMPT whitepaper or join the Telegram group for more information and the latest news on the project.

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