In 2022, both the cryptocurrency market and the broader financial markets faced significant challenges. For the cryptocurrency market, increasing regulatory scrutiny and the proliferation of fraudulent projects contributed to its decline–not to mention bleed over from wider macroeconomic factors. Ever since Bitcoin and Ethereum registered their all-time highs back in 2021, Crypto prices have continued to drop, leaving investors with one big question: Is it time to start buying crypto at these lower prices or should we wait for a clear signal of a rebound and bull trend? This crypto market analysis will offer some insight into this question.

The Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap: A Crypto Market Analysis

After losing $1.429 trillion or 65.39% in market capitalization in 2022, the cryptocurrency market is off to a great start in 2023–up by 7.22% at $810.72 billion as of writing.

crypto market analysis

Cryptocurrency Total Market Cap Crypto Market Technical Analysis

The cryptocurrency market as a whole ended the last two weeks of 2022 trading between the range of $745 billion to $780 billion, with the lowest volatility during the holidays. Entering the new year, the crypto total market cap broke out of this range back on January 4, and since then has been trading above the 20-day to 50-day EMA, which indicates that short to medium-term bias for the cryptocurrency market is bullish.

The RSI and MACD are showing bullish signs in the daily timeframe with the RSI trading at 64.32 and MACD in a bullish crossover position with the MACD line recently breaking out from the zero line.

Though far from an actual confirmation of a market recovery, it is worth checking how the market will react for the next couple of weeks to see if this trend continues. A strong indication of impending recovery in the market might be seen with a clear breakout above the previous resistance range between $819 billion and $848 billion.

US CPI, ECB Minutes, and Chinese Market Data

This week, investors and financial analysts are keeping a keen eye on December’s consumer price index figures due for release this Thursday. The US inflation rate is anticipated to decline slightly from November’s 5.7%, providing an insight into the performance of the economy at the close of this unpredictable year.

At the same time, minutes from the recent European Central Bank meeting suggest that several members favor a higher terminal rate than 3%, indicative of a slowly strengthening Eurozone economy.

On the other hand, China’s trade data for December will be released on Friday and is expected to indicate a decrease in demand due to the US-China trade tensions from last year. This could manifest itself as an observable drop off in exports and imports when compared with the previous months’ figures.

Preparing for the Next Bull Run

Bear markets such as the one playing out now can be a good time to invest, as projects with potential may still be undervalued and investors can take advantage of the lower prices. One way to do this is by taking part in presale events, which are held before a token hits public markets.

Presales allow investors to buy tokens at a discount and gain access to what could be big winners in the next bull run. Presales also give investors the chance to receive additional rewards, bonuses, and incentives that are not available when tokens are released on public markets.

However, investors must be careful to do their own research and invest only in projects with strong underlying fundementals, such as known, experienced teams, clear existing investor interest, and real use cases that solve real-world problems. The following are some tokens that fit this description: DT2, FGHT, and CCHG.

Investors Dash to Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a platform for trade analysis and real-time sentiment tracking that is set to revolutionize crypto trading. With the comprehensive tools supplied by Dash 2 Trade, investors will be armed with actual facts to protect themselves from fraudulent entities like FTX, plus access an educated community of 70,000 traders from Learn 2 Trade, which shares the same parent company of Dash 2 Trade.

Dash 2 Trade subscribers have the choice of two payment levels, and with both they will be provided access to state-of-the-art tools that give them a competitive edge in trading. For instance, users can stay ahead of their game by keeping updated on new coins listed or use social sentiment indicators to gain insight into market trends.

On top of that, the presale token scoring system evaluates prospective projects based on growth potential and performance metrics—giving traders an all rounder outlook when making decisions.

With the auto-trading system of this service, traders will benefit from being able to rapidly connect and act on data received through exchange APIs. Additionally, a strategy back-testing tool allows users to simulate trading before following through on it; plus, they can evaluate their strategies at anytime and make quick modifications as needed.

Dash 2 Trade’s presale experienced a quick sell-out, thus the team has made an extra $2 million worth of tokens available for one more day. This funding will go towards setting up more listing possibilities and accelerated product releases.

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Fight Out (FGHT) Packs a Punch in the M2E Space

Fight Out is an interesting looking move-to-earn (M2E) application and gym chain with an experienced team verified by CoinSniper. As demand for M2E workout apps increases, Fight Out stands out with its original ideas that incorporate modern smart devices and blockchain technology–a combination that has captured the attention of investors and offers a lot of potential value to the fitness community.

Fight Out will offer a personalized training experience for every member, including tailored workout plans to meet individual needs. On top of that, users can earn REP tokens through the app in order to redeem discounts on subscriptions, sessions and apparel as well as nutritional supplements. Fight Out is also creating physical gyms all around the world with smart tech such as ‘mirrors’ showcasing member profiles, and sensors giving real-time feedback on exercises and routines.

Fight Out is also teaming up with notable athletes to create its ambassador program, starting with Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos from the UFC, as well as Savannah Marshall who is the former WBO middleweight champion. This affiliation not only bolsters Fight Out’s reputation through marketing reach but also grants users access to exclusive content provided by these professionals.

This project is full of possibility for the future, and its token has already been generating a lot of interest, raising $2.8 million so far. All of the essential components to become a major player in the fitness app space inj 2023 are present. Currently, investors have an outstanding opportunity to get involved with up to a 50% bonus on investments above $50k during the presale. With our crypto market analysis showing that the market may be bottoming out soon, it might be a good time to start getting in on projects such as Fight Out.

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C+Charge (CCHG) Leads the Charge Towards EV Adoption

C+Charge is peer-to-peer payment system and rewards app for EV charging that utilizes blockchain technology to make charging electric vehicles less time consuming, more cost effective, and more transparent. Thanks to C+Charge’s platform users can bypass long queues at EV stations as well as expensive fees associated with conventional methods of payments–in addition to being rewarded for their eco friendly behavior.

C+Charge’s platform will let electric vehicle owners predict their charging costs with accuracy and clarity. On top of that, landlords and businesses will no longer need to worry about increasing electricity prices for non-EV drivers; this application allows them to monitor energy usage per each EV at their location so only those charging an EV will have to pay for the electricity used. By introducing this technology, we are one step closer to removing the biggest hurdles property owners face when installing EV chargers.

C+Charge is set to become an essential app for EV owners, offering rewards systems, cost savings opportunities and educational resources–all of which provide a legitimate use case in the rapid-evolving industry.

Now is the time to purchase C+Charge tokens, which are being offered at an introductory rate of $0.013 USDT per token during the presale before the prices increase over three additional stages, up to a maximum price of $0.02350.

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The above crypto market analysis shows some promise in the crypto markets, although the macroeconomic conditions make it hard to predict the exact bottom of the market. Despite this, it might be a good time for investors to begin considering promising projects such as those above to invest in in preparation for the next bull run.


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