Real estate. Humanity’s oldest, most important and most trusted asset class. According to a 2022 survey conducted by CNBC, real estate investing is viewed by Americans as the best way to build long-term wealth.

Not only is does real estate provide its owner a place to live, or a passive income stream from tenants, but real estate has historically also functioned as a hedge against inflation as a result of incompetent government economic policy.

While real estate prices can and do fluctuate, prices tend to be much less volatile than other major asset investment classes, such as stocks, credit, commodities and even government bonds.

But investing in real estate is notoriously difficult. In most western economies, real estate has become prohibitively expensive for most people to buy outright. That means they must go to banks for mortgages.

But securing a mortgage can be very challenging. Just in the US, around 35% of US citizens don’t qualify. What if there was an easier way to invest in property?

What if instead of needing to buy and entire property, investors could invest in property in bite sized, affordable portions?

Well, a new crypto start-up called Metropoly is here to transform the property market by offering investors just this option.


Metropoly to Transform Property Investment Landscape Using Blockchain-based NFT Tech

Metropoly has built the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for real-world properties, where investors will be able to get started for as low as $100. Interested readers can check out a beta version of the marketplace here.

According to Metropoly, each property is hand-selected by experienced Realtors. Ownership rights to the property will then be tokenized into an NFT, which will then be fractionalized, allowing multiple investors to buy a stake in the asset.

Metropoly focuses on buying and tokenizing long-term rental homes and short-term holiday homes. Investors can able to read property inspection reports on Metropoly’s platform before choosing which opportunity to invest in. Once they have bought some real estate NFTs, investors will benefit from a passive income stream, with Metropoly also managing rentals for each of the properties being traded on its platform.

Buyers can be confident in the security of their investment thanks to the transparency of blockchain technology – they will be able to publicly verify their property NFT purchases and trades on the Metropoly platform given that all this data will be visible on the blockchain.

Metropoly aims to empower retail investors by making real estate investing accessible to everyone worldwide regardless of their origin, country or credit score with no hidden fees, paperwork or banks.

Invest in Metropoly’s Presale Now

To help fund the development of its platform, Metropoly is conducting a presale of the METRO token that will function as the utility token of its real estate NFT exchange. METRO is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1 billion and will be used as a payment and reward method on the platform.

The crypto start-up has already raised a massive $480,000 via the presale of its METRO token, reaching 96% of its minimum $500,000 target, so investors should move quickly if they want to secure their tokens. METRO can be bought for $0.05, but will launch across exchanges for $0.1, meaning that investors who get in now will soon be sat on 100% paper gains.

Metropoly has all the ingredients to be a huge hit in the crypto space, so investors should move quickly to secure tokens while they are still going on the cheap. It should be noted that Metropoly has a partnership with Tenset, who helped Metahero and Everdome Coin secure 20x gains after the launch of their tokens across major crypto exchanges.

Those who partake in the Metropoly presale also have another opportunity to make life changing wealth via an amazing giveaway. Presale participants will have the chance to win a $1 million Burj Khalifa apartment that earns an incredible $100,000 per year in rental income. Participants only need to invest $100 in the presale to participate.

The METRO token has had its contract successfully audited by CertiK, one of the most trusted crypto audit companies in the space.

Visit Metropoly’s Presale Here

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