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The strength of the move to earn trend has only continued to grow as of late, with staples of the ecosystem such as Fight Out continuing to develop and onboard new members to their community. There are many different investors who are looking to invest in the move to earn industry, as they believe that the blockchain technology underlying these innvoations can go a huge way in helping to incentivise people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Invest in the Fight Out presale for a 50% token bonus

There are a range of incentives for those who participate in the Fight Out presale, and those who choose to participate in the presale have the opportunity to win a 50% token bonus, provided that they choose the longest vesting schedules possible.

This is a great way for people to acquire significantly more tokens without the headaches that one could incur by waging into the world of trading and risking significantly more capital.

Fight Out is, first and foremost , a move to earn project that aims to reward people with FGHT and REPS tokens, and make exercising more enjoyable with their strong links to the metaverse.

There is a strong metaverse component, with those who participate in the ecosystem having the chance to use the aforementioned tokens to build and upgrade their characters in the metaverse and to develop their statistics.

However, the team is also determined to ensure that there is a strong physical and “real world” component to the project, and for this reason the team have committed to building 20 gyms around the world in which the community can exercise and work to achieve their fitness goals together.

Attendance at these gyms is entirely optional, but designed to work as a perfect complement to the virtual space.

The first of these gyms is scheduled to be acquired in the first quarter of 2023.

FGHT price jumps every 12 hours as presale draws to a close

The Fight Out presale has been selling out extremely quickly over the course of the last few weeks, and the project has now managed to successfully raise an impressive $3.2m.

Those who wish to invest in the FGHT presale at the best possible prices ought to head over to the Fight Out website as soon as possible, as the token prices is going to start rising every 12 hours now that the presale is steadily drawing to a close.

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