The blockchain world is exuberant following the latest announcement from the Saga Protocol, a cutting-edge layer-1 blockchain platform that is gearing up for its highly anticipated mainnet launch next month. The reason for the hype is the protocol’s ambitious $10 million airdrop campaign, which has already captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide who are closely watching how the popularity of blockchain games is exploding.

A Generous Offering $10M Offering for Early Adopters

saga protocol native token SAGA on binance

In a move that has solidified its position as a force to be reckoned within the blockchain gaming space, the Saga Protocol recently announced an attractive airdrop worth nearly $10 million.

This airdrop, nicknamed the “Power-Level Over 9,000” campaign, is a nod to the iconic “Over 9,000” meme from Dragon Ball Z. The event promises to distribute a total of 3 million SAGA tokens, worth about $3.22 at the time of writing, to eligible participants.

Unfortunately for those new to SAGA, the airdrop snapshot has already been taken.

The snapshot was taken just a couple of weeks ago on April 26th at block 262,311 on the Saga network to select the wallets that will be eligible for the airdrop. The rewards will be distributed to wallets that meet certain conditions.

Holders who have staked 101 SAGA tokens or at least 95% of the genesis airdrop will be eligible to receive a portion of this distribution.

Moreover, those who staked at least 95% of their genesis airdrop will receive a “loyalty bonus” that will automatically quadruple their airdrop allocation – a testament to the Saga Protocol’s commitment to rewarding its most die-hard supporters.

Saga Protocol: A Launchpad for Blockchain Innovation

At the heart of Saga Protocol’s mission lies a revolutionary concept: enabling developers to create their own application-specific blockchains – also known as chainlets. These chainlets are designed to facilitate horizontal scalability, allowing projects to launch dedicated blockchains without sacrificing performance or security. The idea is somewhat similar to the protocols of both Polkadot and Cosmos.

Saga debuted its protocol’s mainnet just days ago and showcased a total of 350 projects that it helped incubate within its ecosystem as part of an initiative known as the Innovator Program that seeks to foster an environment and provide the tools to developers so they can push the boundaries of blockchain technology to develop all types of applications, including crypto games.

“Launching the Saga mainnet, we deliver on our promise to redefine Web3 development by enabling creators to deploy their blockchains at zero cost to end users”, commented Rebecca Liao, the co-founder and CEO of Saga, in regard to the mainnet launch.

Saga Forged Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Interoperability and Capabilities

Saga has partnered with top blockchain projects in the space like Polygon and Avalanche to further enhance the protocol’s interoperability and capacity to scale rapidly as needed. These partnerships have helped the protocol attract a large number of applications – most of which, to date, are games.

To further cement its presence in the gaming space, Saga Protocol has established Saga Origins, a dedicated game publishing division. This division is poised to bring “provocative, expansive, and uncompromising games” to the market, offering full-service support to game developers to ensure their success.

Despite the prominence of gaming apps, Saga is not a gaming-exclusive platform, instead, it is a layer-1 protocol created to help developers deploy decentralized apps (dApps) that can be operated and interacted with by users with zero cost.

SAGA Token Lands on Binance Exchange

Earlier this month, the SAGA token made its debut on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. This strategic listing bolstered the token’s liquidity and visibility within the global crypto market.

The SAGA token listing on Binance coincided with the mainnet launch on April 9th and further amplified investors’ excitement over the upcoming airdrop. The listing will enable traders and investors worldwide to seamlessly acquire and trade the newly minted SAGA tokens once they hit the wallets and foster increased adoption of the protocol.

Notably, the Saga Protocol’s Launchpool campaign on Binance garnered unprecedented interest with a staggering amount of $13.4 billion staked by participants who were eagerly waiting for additional rewards. The overwhelming response showcases the immense enthusiasm surrounding Saga Protocol and its native token.

Two Other Upcoming Airdrops to Look For

It’s always important to keep track of some of the most anticipated airdrops to make sure you get in on the fun. Aside from Saga’s recently announced $10 million airdrop, there are tons of projects that are likely to launch airdrops relatively soon.

The following is a list of two of the most hyped airdrops that are expected to occur relatively soon.

The MetaMask Airdrop

Rumors have been circulating for more than two years that MetaMask may be getting ready to drop a native token shortly. In November 2021, the Chief Executive Officer of Consensys, Joe Lubin, caused a wave of excitement about this possibility as he shared a post on the social media platform Twitter (now X) that was taken as a hint that a token could be created at some point.

This hot wallet is one of the most widely used resources to store digital assets in the space, with reportedly over 30 million users who rely on it as their go-to self-custody tool.

No details of how an airdrop would work or who will be the recipients have been shared by anyone close to the project’s leadership. However, most crypto experts believe that it would be directed to early adopters and decentralized applications (dApps) that were created to strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem such as layer-2 protocols like Optimism.

In any case, users who have a MetaMask wallet may be entitled to receive a fraction (possibly a rather small one) of the airdrop or their participation may be gauged by the amount of gas they have paid to process Ethereum transactions to date. Who knows, what’s sure is that if (or when) it happens, it will undoubtedly make the headlines.

The LayerZero Airdrop

LayerZero is a protocol that aims to create a single blockchain that can be used to operate with the dozens of similar layer-1 solutions that exist nowadays. Thus far, the project has managed to interconnect more than 50 blockchains including prominent ones like AAVE, Curve, and Uniswap.

According to its website, the solution has managed to transfer over $50 billion worth of tokens across the various blockchains it supports.

Just 3 days ago, the project published a post on the social media platform X saying that “Snapshot #1 has been completed”. Many crypto enthusiasts commented on the post with notable excitement as this could be an indication that the developing team is ready to allocate an airdrop among its community.

They, however, cautioned that they were actively screening out “sybil” addresses to distribute the airdrop fairly among users who believe in the project since the start.

“We are giving all sybil users an opportunity to self-report within the next 14 days in return for 15% of their intended allocation, no questions asked”, the developing team highlighted in a Medium post.

They added: “Our goal is to reward the durable users — protocols, users, and community members — who helped LayerZero succeed thus far and who will help the protocol expand in the future”.

Wallets that participated by bridging tokens, providing liquidity to the protocol, and settling the most transactions through LayerZero will likely be the recipients of this upcoming airdrop.