Infura, a leading web3 API provider developed by Consensys, has announced a next generation partnership with 18 major internet infrastructure companies, including tech giants Microsoft and Tencent Cloud.

The alliance, unveiled at the Decentralized RPC Summit in Istanbul, brings together diverse industry players like Grove, Covalent, and others – with the collaboration aiming to establish the Infura Decentralized Infrastructure Network (DIN), a project set to revolutionize Web3 accessibility and efficiency.

The formation of DIN is a significant step in Infura’s mission to promote a decentralized internet infrastructure, providing a robust way for developers to connect with Ethereum and other top-tier blockchains.

DIN: A Network for Progressive Decentralization

Led by Infura, DIN’s founding members, including 0xFury, Bloq, Chainstack, Ellipfra, Everstake, and more, are building an initial federated version of the network.

This initiative is the first stride toward progressively decentralizing one of the most popular web3 API services, which currently powers essential applications like MetaMask and Ethereum Name Service.

Infura’s collaborative approach is in stark contrast to the competitive landscape of infrastructure providers.

“We’re not just standing up an open protocol, we’re architecting a revolution,” says Austin Roberts of Rivet, one of the DIN members.

This collaboration is not just about shared technology; it’s about embodying the ethos of crypto where collaborative growth is key.

DIN’s initial features include failover protection on Ethereum and Polygon networks, allowing for seamless service continuity during outages, this enhancement means developers and users can expect less centralization and higher uptime for decentralized applications (dApps).

The first iteration of DIN will focus on integrating more partners and establishing failover protection for additional blockchains like Arbitrum, Avalanche C-Chain, and Optimism.

This expansion is crucial for ensuring more secure, censorship-resistant access to Ethereum, addressing the centralization issue highlighted during the Infura shutdown in November 2020.

The DIN Federation Phase and Future DIN Governance

Currently in a federated phase, DIN is working towards full decentralization – the network may eventually be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) or another governance mechanism, ensuring equitable influence for all participants.

This partnership aligns with Consensys’ recent achievements, including the public launch of its Layer 2 blockchain solution, Linea.

With over 2.7 million transactions in its first month and collaborations with MetaMask and others, Linea is fast becoming a cornerstone in the DeFi space.

So as the creation of DIN by Infura, in partnership with Microsoft, Tencent, and other key players, marks a new chapter in the evolution of collaborative decentralized internet infrastructure.

This innovative effort is set to provide more resilient, efficient, and accessible web3 services, significantly impacting the future of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

As the network evolves, the focus will remain on broadening partnerships and enhancing features to meet the growing demands of the blockchain community.

The Infura Decentralized Infrastructure Network represents a collective stride towards a more open, decentralized internet, laying the groundwork for the next generation of web3 development.