IMPT is a brand-new project focused on using blockchain technology to create a more sustainable world and is a strong contender for the title of the “greenest” crypto this year. The native currency of the project, the IMPT token, has just begun its presale and has already managed to raise an impressive $220,000.

IMPT uses NFTs for carbon credits

IMPT represents a novel way that NFTs can be used: as carbon credits. Using carbon credits in this way makes them far more secure and far less easy to tamper with, since they are on the blockchain.

Not only does it make it nigh on impossible for the carbon credits to be tampered with, but it also means that they are always transparent: the nature of the public ledger makes it nearly impossible for the carbon credits to be abused in any meaningful way.

Over 10,000 brands have agreed to join

One of the main claims that the project makes on their website is how pleased they are to have such a large array of brands on board with their vision.

Thus far, according to their website, over 10,000 brands have agreed to join and to work with them in the future as part of their mission to reduce emissions.

IMPT raises $220k in the first 24 hours of the presale

The presale for IMPT has commenced, and the project has already managed to successfully sell out $220k.

As the presale progresses, the price will steadily rise, meaning that the earliest buyers are the ones who will end with the best deal.

ESG narratives have become extremely important over the last few years, with investors and capital allocators being constrained and incentivised by their mandates. A project such as IMPT is well-suited to somewhat ameliorate the mounting pressure that the cryptocurrency industry is under to justify its energy usage.

Earn cash back in IMPT on spending

One of the main incentives for people use IMPT is the fact that they are able to earn cashback on spending.

Every time someone makes a purchase through the platform, they can opt to become part of the solution for high carbon emissions, by earning IMPT tokens in return.

Those who earn IMPT can then choose to use the tokens to acquire carbon credits as NFTs.

Update – the IMPT presale has now raised over $1 million.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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