A lot of cryptocurrencies, particularly proof of work cryptocurrencies, have come under fire over the past few years given how much energy they use.

This has been somewhat damaging for the reputation of the space more generally, and IMPT is one of the few projects that hopes to change this and show how the world of cryptocurrencies can be drastically improved and used to serve other goals.

IMPT aims to be crypto’s most eco-friendly token

IMPT aims to be one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable tokens. There are many ways that IMPT is beneficial for the environment, not least of which the fact that (unlike Bitcoin) IMPT is secured by Ethereum’s proof of stake consensus, which does not use a lot of electricity to secure mining operations.

In the mission to be the most eco-friendly token on the market, IMPT has the mission of transforming the way in which carbon credits are issued.

Carbon credits as NFTs

The platform operates in such a way that users can convert their IMPT tokens into carbon credits, which can then be minted as NFTs.

One of the main benefits with having carbon credits as NFTs is that they cannot be easily tampered with, and they are completely transparent.

By trading carbon credits as NFTs on an exchange, friction in the markets is reduced and the entire process is simplified for those who wish to participate.

$220,000 now raised in the presale

The total raise amount for the presale is to be $10.8m, and within the first 24 hours the project has already managed to successfully raise over $220k, showing clear demand from the community for the IMPT token.

As per the roadmap in the white paper, IMPT’s ongoing presale will shortly be followed by a release of their first carbon credit NFTs.

The platform will be up and running relatively quickly, with the vision of reducing the carbon footprint being realised very quickly.

Become a part of the solution

Carbon credits have often been hailed as a way in which markets can become “greener” without there being too much disruption to the free market – maintaining some core principles of the free market is crucial for ensuring that the project is sustainable long term.

Environmentally conscious people will be pleased by the opportunity to control and own their own carbon footprint, and there are ways in which the IMPT platform hopes to incentivise people to do this with their market and the opportunity to earn cashback in IMPT tokens on one’s spending.

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