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The IMPT presale, which will finish on Dec. 11, has successfully raised over $1 million dollars in a span of only 24 hours and more money continues to pour in. With an innovative approach toward carbon offsetting and climate change solutions, the company seeks to connect shoppers around the world with hundreds of environmental projects backed by thousands of well-known retail brands. Whenever a user makes a purchase via, a designated amount from that sale is donated directly towards climate change-fighting causes.

In just two months, over $17 million has been raised for the project and now the company has announced that the IMPT will be listed on exchanges at $0.0253 USD, 10% higher than the final presale price.

The IMPT token will be traded on LBank and Changelly soon after the presale ends, with seven more exchange listings currently being finalized.

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How IMPT Works makes it easy for shoppers to buy products from affiliate brands, both offline and online through its online widget or mobile app. They can then redeem the credits they earn for unique NFT collectible rewards designed by recognized artists or sell them on IMPT’s marketplace.

Shoppers who make a purchase on IMPT’s platform will be rewarded with IMPT tokens, and a portion of what they spend will go to an independent project fighting climate change. IMPT has partnered with thousands of affiliates including Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Dominos, Samsung and Macy’s.

The platform has been designed with sustainability as its foundation. Listed green projects on the platform that receive benefits are from accredited environmental organizations, meaning each carbon credit bought through the platform contributes directly to real-world sustainability initiatives.

The platform was created with environmental sustainability as its primary mission. Green projects that are registered on the platform are accredited environmental organizations, meaning that every carbon credit purchased through the platform goes towards legitimate and impactful green initiatives.

With IMPT, users can hand-select projects to support that fit with their personal passions. As time goes on, they will have the ability to monitor and quantify their total effect on the planet. This will include data regarding where exactly their carbon credits are being applied. The idea is that this transparency will empower individuals directly see how much change they are making.

How IMPT’s Blockchain Makes Carbon Markets Better

By implementing blockchain technology, carbon credit fraud and double-counting will be prevented. Carbon credits will be minted into NFTs, which allows for anyone to verify the ownership addresses of the credits while retirement/burning the tokens. A token-burning mechanism can remove retired/burned carbon credit NFTs from circulationmaking it impossible for someone to resell them. Attaching cryptographic proof to each NTF/token makes counterfeiting impossible.

IMPT Token’s Uses

Besides carbon credit NFT tokens, another key part of the ecosystem is the IMPT token. The main use of the IMPT token is as currency in the carbon marketplace. Every service provided within the platform will require the IMPT token as well and users will also be able to buy NFT carbon credits and various products from affiliates on the platformwhile holders of the tokens can access extra premium services. In the future, after the IMPT presale and listings, those who hold IMPT tokens will also be able to vote on governance decisions in an upcoming DAO.

Carbon Markets are Growing Fast: Get in on IMPT’s Presale

The global carbon market is booming as the world wakes up to the need to act on climate change. In 2021, around 500 million credits were traded at an average price of $4 per ton – a 60% increase from 2020 levels. In 2021, the carbon market was worth $271 billionan increase of 128% from 2008. The value of voluntary carbon offsetting increased four times from 2020 to reach $2 billion in one year. By 2050, experts believe this number will grow to $50 billion.

Sustainable crypto IMPT

It is obvious that we need an effective solution for trading carbon credits on the carbon market, and IMPT is well-positioned to be that platform.

IMPT Presale Paves the Way for Success

IMPT is a vital step in the right direction to address global climate change, offering a simple way to purchase and trade carbon credits while helping people offset their emissions. Its use of blockchain technology makes it more secure and transparent than traditional carbon markets, and as the global carbon market continues to grow, IMPT is well-positioned to become the go-to platform for trading and offsetting carbon credits.

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