Carbon offsetting crypto and NFT project IMPT held it first AMA (ask me anything) event to answer questions from its presale investors.

The debut IMPT AMA was held on October 13th in the Telegram group which now has approximately 3,000 members.

IMPT AMA Transcript

CEO of the Impact Project (IMPT) Denis Creighton, whose LinkedIn and introductory speech can also be viewed at, was in attendance to answer questions from investors.

The fifteen AMA questions were:

1. Will the tokens have a sales tax on them (or will it ever be taxed)?

There is no token tax and there cannot be. (Denis also clarified this will never change).

2. What happens if we don’t sell out the stages? Will the tokens go to a community pool, next phase, or be burned ?

Any tokens that are not sold through the presale rounds will be burned.

3. The price of IMPT at launch will be the one from the last stage (stage 3)?

Yes it will be the same price as stage three ($0.028 per IMPT token).

4. Talking about the tokens… will IMPT and carbon tokens be tradable on the exchanges? Or just IMPT?

We will have a carbon credit platform where the carbon credits can be sold. In our shopping platform the tokens that users will get by shopping can only be converted into carbon credits. The IMPT tokens that you purchase can be traded on exchanges. There is no need to convert them into carbon credits. See the whitepaper for more details.

The exchanges are still to be decided on. We are inundated with offers of exchanges to list on. We want to wait and make sure we select the optimum partner.

5. Since the carbon token will be tradable what will be the starting price?

Carbon credits vary in price depending on the markets at that time. You can hold them as an investment and sell them in the future. We want to incentivise people to retire their carbon credits because the more that are retired, the more that will be created through events like planting trees and other green energy projects. This will make a real impact on the planet.

6. What is the token symbol as IMPT is already taken?

The symbol is IMPT! We have already deployed the token. Its worth noting that token symbols are non unique. However the IMPT token address will be visible on the IMPT website so the legitimate token address is clear to all users.

7. The presale 1 ends on the 25th of Nov or 1st Dec? How are the stages separated?

The end date for presale 1 is November 25th. The start date for presale 2 is the 1st of December or possibly straight after presale 2, if completed by November 25th. Likewise with presale 3, so 6 months after the 3rd of October.

8. When will you release the smart contract address?

We will release it on Friday 21st.

9. Which part of the tokens distribution will be deducted for listings?

We will use tokens from marketing.

10. When will you release the audit of the token or tokens?

Our auditors are currently doing the audit report and we expect delivery within 7 working days.

Note – an audit by eNebula Solutions has been posted in the Telegram group, which IMPT token passed. An additional one is underway by

11. What would be the time limit for Presale 3?

Maximum time limit is 6 months after October 3rd, our presale 1 launch date.

12. Would be able to go more indepth about the affiliated partners?

We currently have in excess of 25k affiliate retail brands and we are increasing monthly at a rate of 25% through our affiliate retailer network. Our retailer affiliate team will continue to deliver better discounts for our IMPT community. Please see the latest list of affiliated retail brands on the IMPT platform from 3rd to 7th of October. Some really exciting affiliate brands will be posted tomorrow!! Affiliates are required for IMPT use case 2 as in the whitepaper.

13. Who were the early adopters?

The early adopters invested pre smart contracts and pre whitepaper. They are investors who really liked our project and what it will do for the planet. They have no interest in an early exit and are committed for the long term.

14. Was the initial $500k applied to something particularly specific?

The initial raise was seed capital used for R&D, retail affiliate engagement, legal and compliance and security.

15. What security measures have been made so far to make the platform secure from hackers?

Every transaction is held on the blockchain for all presale stages. No token buyers data is exposed. We deploy the best in class security and work only with recognised safe and secure providers. We also have internal security resources.

Additional Questions

Two more questions were then selected at random from the audience. Those were:

16. What type of partners are you looking to onboard?

We will partner with online and offline brands through our affiliate partners who will give our community, through shopping, the ability to make a difference for our planet.

17. Would you agree with countries regarding carbon credits?

If you mean, would we work with countries on carbon credit programs, the answer is yes. All carbon credits on the IMPT platform are fully validated by, ultimately, the UN.

Just to say thank you so much for your time and questions. We look forward to growing our community globally and really making a difference to the planet.

View the full IMPT AMA within Telegram via this link.

IMPT Presale Progress

At the time of writing the IMPT presale has raised $4.9 million, selling 45% of its first stage allocation which has a target cap of $10.8 million.

Find the whitepaper and other IMPT token news at the website.

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