The price of Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, meaning that it moves up and down very quickly in sharp moves. If you’re new to the crypto market, knowing where the price might head next can often take a lot of work.

With countless Twitter analysts, news articles, and YouTube creators giving their market predictions, figuring out who to trust and follow can also become more complicated.

One of the best methods to know where the Bitcoin price is heading is using a verified Bitcoin price predictor. The problem is that some are pretty expensive, while others have very low accuracy over a more extended period.

Well, we have some good news for you because we have found a Bitcoin price predictor that is entirely free to use and highly accurate.

Meet Exorde Index.

Exorde Index Provides Bitcoin Price Predictions WIth Upward of 60% Accuracy – For Free!

Exorde Index is a platform that provides price predictions for Bitcoin and a range of cryptocurrencies. The system uses decentralized data scraped from the internet to train the Exorde Index prediction models to provide an assessment of crypto prices over the next hour. The price prediction for Bitcoin has been very successful, with an accuracy above 60% since implementing its latest algorithm.

Price predictions are just one of the things that the Exorde Index provides. The platform also includes the following features;

  • Crypto price predictions with a high accuracy ratio
  • Tracking the sentiment of crypto
  • Real-time web trends
  • A unique decision support tool for traders
  • Worldwide data in multiple languages

Traders can use the data from Exorde Index to make more informed trading decisions. As a result, they should experience higher profitability and be much more consistent in their trading.

How does Exorde Index Work?

To understand why Exorde Index has such high accuracy, we first need to know about the Exorde ecosystem. Exorde Index utilizes decentralized data from the Exorde Network to train its algorithms and provide a highly accurate price prediction.

Exorde is a Web3 protocol that empowers developers to crawl and link public data on the internet. The world wide web is an endless pit of information that can be gathered and processed in various ways. It is estimated that a total of 7.7 exabytes of data flows daily through the internet. Exorde Protocol provides a method for developers to track and aggregate the data through a decentralized open-source protocol.

The Exorde Protocol provides a system to take public information from the internet – such as social network posts, press articles, news reports, photos, videos, and live streams – and then process this information in a centralized data pipeline that provides output data graphs that can link similar data and facts.

As a result, Exorde has various use cases that can range from filtering out fake news from feeds to finding the next hottest NFT on the marketplace. However, one of the most promising features of this decentralized system is the ability to feed this data into an algorithm to provide Bitcoin and crypto price predictions.

Sentiment Tracking Helping to Map the Markets

Besides Bitcoin price predictions, one of the best features of the Exorde Index is its ability to track the sentiment of crypto assets across the web. The data scraped from the Exorde Protocol utilizes social media data and news articles, which can be analyzed using high-tech Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The NLP helps to break down the content inside social media posts and assign a score based on the sentiment level. Understanding the current status of sentiment for a cryptocurrency will help traders be more informed about the current feeling in the market, and if they should be taking trades.

Currently, Exorde Index provides sentiment analysis for over 25 different emotions in the market, including confusion, optimism, desire, excitement, fear, and greed.

Traders can use this sentiment analysis independently, which is also fed into the Exorde Index to help the platform develop a highly accurate price prediction.

It’s important to mention that the Exorde Protocol can retrieve data from all languages. This means that it can provide worldwide sentiment analysis, regardless of the country or the language in which the data was written.

What’s Coming Next for the Tool?

Exorde is warming up after providing Bitcoin price predictions for the next hour. Next, they have plans to extend the price prediction over the next day and introduce a range of other cryptocurrency price predictions for coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Polygon.

The great thing about the prediction model is that it’s constantly evolving and being fed new data. The decentralized model of Exorde Protocol allows the data collection to be incredibly fast, and it can provide real-time data analysis across many topics.

One of the most exciting upcoming features of the Exorde Index is the unique decision support tool explicitly targeted for traders. The tool will provide the price fluctuations for each token and display all the related sentiment data required for traders to make better trading decisions.

In addition, the tool can also alert traders about specific fundamental events that might be occurring in the market. As the data is collected in real-time, it creates an environment that can provide a relatively fast feedback loop. For example, say a Tweet caused the market to move significantly in a short period. The tool will instantly alert the trader about the market moving Tweet and let them decide if they should take a trade.

Presale Backed By High-Profile Investors

Exorde managed to raise over $2.5 million for its EXD utility token. The token was mentioned among the top 7 cryptocurrencies to watch in winter 2022 by CoinList.

Some of the investors in the protocol are high-profile, including the likes of Labs, Insignius Capital, and Palar Capital. Furthermore, the project is accelerated by Outlier Ventures in the first Filecoin basecamp.