ICO of the year

Many believe that Dash 2 Trade could be the one of the best ICOs of the year, with over $13m now having been raised as part of the D2T presale over the last few months.

Is Dash 2 Trade the ICO of the year?

Dash 2 Trade is the premier platform for trading signals in the crypto space, and has been designed in order to help retail traders to trade as efficiently as possible and to ensure that they have all of the signals that they could possibly need.

Positioning itself as the Bloomberg terminal of crypto, Dash 2 Trade is a subscription platform that requires monthly payments to be made in the D2T token in order to access the full range of features.

There is a free tier for the platform, but those who wish to access some of the fuller features that Dash 2 Trade has to offer will be required to either subscribe to the starter tier for 400 D2T per month, or the professional tier for 1,000 D2T per month.

Moreover, the Dash 2 Trade platform is designed in such a way that retail traders can curate and backtest their own automated trading strategies, which will execute once predetermined conditions have been met.

The popularity of the project thus far has been immense, and with over $13m now raised, there are many speculating that this could be one of the most important ICOs of the year.

A series of CEX listings lined up

The team have been working diligently over the last few months and have already managed to onboard a series of different centralised exchange listings.

Centralised exchange listings are important, because the more exchanges that the token is listed on, the more liquidity there is and the more eyes that can be attracted to the platform.

Thus far, the team has managed to secure four centralised exchange listings, including BitMart, Changelly Pro, LBank and most recently Gate.io.

The token will begin listing on the aforementioned exchanges from the 11th January.

Only four days left to participate in the D2T presale

The Dash 2 Trade presale would have already finished, but the team decided that they would extend the presale in order to cater for the spike in interest – the extra four days that have been allocated to the “overflow funding round” mean that more capital can be raised in order to develop the platform as efficiently as possible.

Those who wish to participate in the D2T presale can now do so on their website, where the token is currently being sold for a price of just $0.0533.


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