Battle Infinity price chart

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is currently trading at just under $0.005 on PancakeSwap and LBank, the crypto exchanges it has been listed on so far – in its short two week price history.

Battle Infinity Price Forecast

Crypto price tracking sites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko began tracking the Battle Infinity price this week, at $0.0041. The IBAT listing price was $0.0024, and its presale price approximately $0.0015.

The PooCoin chart below – a Dapp that tracks PancakeSwap coins – shows the full Battle Infinity price chart since its start of trading.

IBAT price chart

Battle Infinity price history

The IBAT all time high was $0.0118, an over 7x move from its presale price – one of the most successful crypto IDOs of this year.

Since that launch, the IBAT price is now up 2x from its initial trading price (and 3.3x since presale) in just fifteen daily candles. Some form of correction and consolidation was to expected especially heading into the monthly close and the start of September, historically a bad month for cryptocurrency.

Yesterday’s daily candle closed above the daily EMA 8 – a bullish signal. Today’s daily candle has an hour remaining until the close but will likely close as an inside bar – that candlestick pattern is a sign of consolidation in a market.

The IBAT price will now likely form a sideways trading range from $0.004 – $0.0055, while the crypto markets potentially go ‘risk off’ during September.

One bullish catalyst for the Battle Infinity price that could see it outperform Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto markets in September is the upcoming launch of its metaverse game product and IBAT staking – a sneak peek of which has been posted to Twitter by @IBATOFFICIAL.

The ability to stake IBAT and earn yield as passive income will relieve selling pressure and new buyers may step in once it is fully available. That could lead to the IBAT price breaking out above $0.006.

Little price action has been seen in the $0.006 – $0.007 range – mostly wicks – so there would be little resistance in that area. The first major resistance level would be $0.0071 – $0.0072, where the August 26th candle wicked to.

Listen to the latest crypto AMA event held by @MetaBlockchains with Battle Infinity on Telegram here.

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Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

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