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The IBAT crypto presale has raised ~$350k with 83 days remaining. IBAT is the native cryptocurrency of NFT-based crypto game Battle Infinity.

IBAT is a rewards token set to be earned by players on the Battle Infinity platform, able to be redeemed for another currency in the game’s integrated DEX (decentralized exchange), staked for yield, and used as an in-game currency to buy and trade all game assets tokenized as NFTs on the Battle Market.

IBAT Crypto Tokenomics

IBAT will have a fixed maximum supply of 10 billion IBAT coins, i.e. IBAT is not inflationary. 28% of the IBAT token supply is being allocated to presale investors, within a 90 day period from July 11th – Oct 10th, with no lockup or vesting period after the presale ends.

IBAT crypto presale

The presale hard cap is 16,500 BNB, and the soft cap 2000 BNB. At the time of writing ~1350 BNB has been raised by early seed round investors, which is 67.5% of the soft cap and 8.2% of the hard cap.

Based on the current Binance Coin price of around $260, the amount raised in USD terms is approximately $351,000 in seven days.

1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT is the calculation used to buy IBAT crypto tokens via the Battle Infinity site, making the IBAT crypto presale price $0.0015.

The minimum purchase of IBAT crypto tokens for presale investors is 0.1 BNB per wallet and the maximum buy order is 500 BNB. Buyers can use a MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

The Battle Infinity project developers have also held their first AMA (ask me anything) event over Telegram to answer questions from potential investors. Read a transcript of that crypto AMA here.

With Bitcoin trading back above $22,000 – pumping to $22,960 earlier today – and Ethereum leading it, recovering the $1,500 level, low market cap altcoins currently on presale could be a good investment as they have the most potential upside in a crypto bull run.


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