December saw the conclusion of one of the most viral crypto presales of the year, IMPT token, and the final stage of a currently active presale – Dash 2 Trade (D2T).

Both of them will be listed on Uniswap for their initial exchange offering (IEO). Several CEX listings will follow with exact dates to be announced – so far LBank has confirmed it will list IMPT token on December 14th at 10:00 UTC.

Since a week now there is a lot of questions asked by new investors not familiar with ICO launches or decentralized exchanges.

The aim of this article is to explain how to proceed as safely as possible and move forward step by step.

1 – You haven’t invest in these new projects yet?

If you’ve just heard about these two new crypto projects and want to take part, Dash 2 Trade is almost sold out but still running – visit the official site at

The IMPT presale ended on 11th December having raised $20.5 million, but you can still invest in this green token aiming to revolutionize the carbon credits market on Uniswap.

To celebrate its launch the IMPT project are also running a $100,000 giveaway which unlike the presale is still running for a few more months.

2 – How can I get my tokens?

All examples and screenshots will be for IMPT token, although the same process will be able to be followed for D2T when it launches.

You must first set up your crypto wallet so that it can receive and support the new tokens you’ve purchased. Go to your wallet and select “import tokens” to get started.

Then choose “Custom token” from the menu, and type 0x04C17b9D3b29A78F7Bd062a57CF44FC633e71f85 into the “Token contract address” area. (Always verify that it is the legitimate contract address by copying it from the official website.)

The following fields will be filled in automatically:

MetaMask is used for out example but every wallet – Trust Wallet is also popular – has a simple way to add custom tokens similar to the above.

Now all you have to do is wait until token listing date, when the “claim” button will appear on the website. In order to receive your tokens click on the “claim” button, a smart contract endorsement should then be displayed in your wallet application.

Be aware that claim tokens on the ERC20 network incur gas fees. You can the current actual Gwei (gas cost) on:

3 – How do I exchange my tokens?

As said before, Uniswap will be the first platform to list IMPT tokens, and many will use it to be able to trade them as soon as possible.

3.1 – What is Uniswap, exactly?

One of the most popular and widely used DEXs is Uniswap (decentralized exchanges).

Being a DEX, you cannot directly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat cash but you can swap them for another one.

Contrary to a CEX (centralized exchange), a DEX just connects to your wallet and exchanges cryptocurrency there without requiring any registration or KYC (know your customer) procedures. Your tokens will always stay in your wallet.

3.2 – How does it works?

Simply visit and click “Launch App” at the upper right corner. Once the app is open, select “Connect wallet”.

Select your wallet from the list of options:

Now, rather than the “Connect Wallet” button, you will now see your wallet address:

Your digital wallet is linked

The token must now be added to Uniswap, in this case IMPT. Take the address from the official website once more and copy it.

Then return to Uniswap and select “Select token” from the toolbox for swapping and past the contract address into the search bar to see the token as shown below:

At this stage, you may be informed that this coin has not yet been traded.

It’s not a problem; the token hasn’t yet been officially listed.

4 – How do I track the price of IMPT token?

You are now prepared to trade your tokens.

As we’ve already mentioned, Uniswap is only designed to exchange one coin for another. So there is no functionality like a price chart or order placement.

However, thankfully exists. You’ll be able to monitor prices and exchange whenever you choose using this tool. Positions, price alerts, and many more features are also available for Standard and Premium plans.

Everything is explained in this video from the DEXTools Academy channel on YouTube:

5 – What is slippage and how can it be reduced?

As you know, all decentralized exchanges use blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Solana as their hosting solution. Therefore, a DEX trade doesn’t process instantaneously like it does on centralized exchanges.

The price discrepancy between your submission of the transaction and his confirmation is known as slippage. Be aware that DEX frequently experiences slippage, even more so at the listing when there are several, highly volatile trades.

On Uniswap and DEXTools, you can specify the percentage of slippage that is permitted for your transaction :

Keep in mind that if your slippage is set too low, it may result in several failed transactions that continue to drain your gas. The best practice is to group your sales into small groups to prevent slipping.

6 – Useful links



How to Use Uniswap – Video Guide

You can also find below a useful video of Jacob Crypto Bury explaining how to claim IMPT tokens and use Uniswap:

This article and video should have covered the most of your inquiries.

If you still have any questions about current or upcoming presales, join the Jacob Crypto Bury discord server here.

That server is brimming with helpful individuals that are eager to assist you and give amazing advice an much more regarding cryptocurrencies.


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