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How to Earn Money While Helping to Save the Planet From Climate Change

Creating monetary incentives for individuals and businesses to adopt environmentally sustainable behaviors is going to be key in the battle to address worsening climate change.

That’s because, while many individuals know the kinds of actions they should be taking to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint, many lack the will to do so.

Financial incentives can change this.

This is already being seen on a large scale amid the rapid growth of carbon credit markets – companies that have a positive carbon impact can sell credits to companies with a negative carbon impact, with the effect of reducing emissions overall.

But, up until now, such monetary incentives have largely only benefit big business.

Web3, owing to the transparency and decentralization of the blockchains on which it operates, holds the promise of changing this.

And one company called Ecoterra is at the forefront of web3’s push to encourage environmentally friendly behavior.

Earn Money While Helping Save the Planet Via EcoTerra’s Revolutionary Platform

When harnessed right, blockchain technology holds an unprecedented ability to promote environmentally friendly behaviors by rewarding recycling, making it easier to offset carbon emissions and tracking environmental impact utilizing the blockchain’s transparency.

And Ecoterra is building an all-in-one application that does all three of these things and more.

To summarize, Ecoterra rewards users with the platform’s native $ECOTERRA crypto token every time they recycle, features a carbon offset marketplace to make it easier for individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint and features a recycled materials marketplace to make it easier for businesses to purchase recycled goods using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies.

The platform also allows individuals and businesses to track their environmentally friendly practices via an Impact Trackable Profile, which could help businesses improve their brand image and boost customer loyalty.

Nascent green web3 projects like Ecoterra are expected to play an increasingly important role in global efforts to address climate change in the decades ahead.

Ecoterra Running One of 2023’s Hottest Presales

To fund the development of its revolutionary platform, Ecoterra is conducting a presale of its ECOTERRA token that will power is application.

50% of the total 2 billion supply will be released during the presale, with 20% reserved for ecosystem liquidity, 10% for listings, 10% for marketing, 5% for the development team and 5% for corporate adoption.

In just a few weeks since the launch of the presale, the project has already raised an impressive near $3.5 million, with this pace likely to accelerate further in the coming weeks as the project gains more traction across social media.

The signs on this front are promising – Ecoterra’s Discord channel already has over 5,000 subscribers and the project continues to secure recycling partnerships with major brands.

ECOTERRA tokens are currently selling for $0.007 each, but interest investors should move quickly as in just under four days, this price will rise to $0.00775.

ECOTERRA will then list on exchanges in a few months at $0.01, meaning investors who get in now will be sat on 40% gains.

According to analysts at Business 2 Community, Ecoterra could be one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

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