Lucky Block NFT platform

Lucky Block is the number one NFT competition and rewards platform, and since launch has gone from strength to strength, cementing contacts across the industry of crypto and popular culture, with partnerships and sponsorships extending far and wide, such as into the world of UK boxing. Investors have been particularly excited about the Platinum Rollers Club, which gives lifetime membership to life-changing prize draws.

An NFT platform with real utility

Whilst many NFTs have been denigrated over the past few years, and struggled to provide more utility than simply as “digital collectibles”, Lucky Block is an NFT platform that has managed to offer real world utility to its holders.

Those who purchase NFTs through the Lucky Block platform are entered into prize draws, in which they are eligible to win a whole range of rewards, including $1m in BTC, a Bored Ape, a luxury home and much more.

The Platinum Rollers Club NFT

Whilst one can choose to buy NFTs for particular prize draws, such as the aforementioned, NFTs bought from the Platinum Rollers Club entitle holders to be able to constantly be eligible for lifetime rewards.

All that one has to do in order to be eligible for these rewards is to hold the NFT in their wallets – there is no other prize draw lottery that operates as seamlessly and efficiently as this.

LBLOCK is now listed on a variety of exchanges

In addition to have listing on the decentralised exchange Pancakeswap and Uniswap, LBLOCK can now be traded on a variety of centralised exchanges, such as MEXC Global and

These exchange listings have opened the door for many more retail investors to join the Lucky Block community, and has meant that the community is now healthier than ever before.

This has given credence to the notion that the LBLOCK may now have bottomed, and with the crypto markets showing more bullishness than they have in quite some time, many are suspecting that the LBLOCK price may now have bottomed, and will be able to resume its upward trajectory once more.

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