Since the crypto market started going green again, investors and traders across the globe have been searching for legitimate and effective avenues for generating income or profits. While this may be a difficult task to achieve amidst all the ongoing market volatility, ICONOMI has been delivering just that with its best-in-class product offerings; the most popular being its state-of-the-art trading engine.

A survey in 2021 found that more than 1 in 3 crypto investors and traders had little to no idea what cryptocurrencies were or what their investments aimed to achieve. It is clearly an expected outcome since the cryptocurrency industry as a financial market is still in its infancy. This is where professionals or experienced traders come in, with the aim of educating the masses and creating a financially literate community within the blockchain sector.

ICONOMI has strived and succeeded in creating a platform for these individuals, while also providing value to investors who wish to grow their wealth in a safer environment. But to understand how, we need to first understand what ICONOMI exactly is.

ICONOMI: An Overview

Founded by Tim M. Zagar and Jani Valjavec, ICONOMI was launched in 2016. Headed by Peter Curk, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency copy trading platforms at the moment. But defining ICONOMI as simply a copy trading platform cannot be fair. It is a complete ecosystem for investors and traders to thrive, irrespective of whether they are beginners or experienced individuals within the blockchain space.

A key factor that makes ICONOMI different from many of its counterparts is that it has an extremely simple, yet efficient interface. While it is a haven for newbies entering the industry hoping for great profits, seasoned traders and or crypto strategists can take considerable advantage of the platform for increasing their earning potential. There are multiple options by ICONOMI that can help in achieving these goals. These include:

Leverage its State-of-the-art Trading Engine

As a crypto-trader, it is common to have multiple wallet or exchange accounts where one’s crypto is stored. This makes keeping tabs on the complete portfolio fairly difficult. Infact, traders have to use spreadsheets or similar alternatives to find their portfolio information in one place. ICONOMI solves this problem, by being connected to several exchanges. It also allows instant and easy rebalancing using historical and real-time exchange data.

One of the latest features by ICONOMI is “Rules for Automated Rebalancing”. Here, the strategists will have access to multiple options for an easier and smoother portfolio rebalancing process. An excellent example is the Time-based Strategy Rule, which can help schedule periodic rebalances. This means that a crypto strategist on ICONOMI can simply access their account from anywhere, anytime to control and update their cryptocurrency portfolio spread across multiple locations.

To Make your Strategy Public or Private

ICONOMI allows strategists to have complete control over their actions. It allows them to decide if they wish to keep their strategy private and on an invite-only basis or let users freely find and use it.


Set Your Own Fees

There is no requirement by ICONOMI that users need to follow while setting their fees. Each strategist can decide what their copy and performance fee should be. They can simply consider their experience, ROI history, competition and similar factors and set the price accordingly.

Share Content and Create a Community

Each Crypto Strategist needs to build a brand for themselves if they hope to grow their community and potentially earn more. Every individual on ICONOMI can become a “Verified or Public Strategist”, by contributing quality content and actively engaging with the community at least once a week. This can be in the form of educational articles or resources, important market updates or related links etc. The more a crypto strategist connects with their community, the more visibility they will receive on ICONOMI.

How is the State-of-the-art Trading Engine Rewarding ICONOMI’s Crypto Strategists?

As we saw above, the Trading Engine by ICONOMI is one of the platform’s most valuable features. It extracts data from multiple crypto exchanges to provide highly precise and real-time prices, which can be detrimental for something as fast-paced as crypto trading.

The trading engine also helps with rebalancing a portfolio with ease. ICONOMI claims that it provides a Single Click Diversification option, which is enjoyed by a majority of its existing crypto strategists regularly. They can select any cryptocurrency from ICONOMI’s 150+ list, add in the desired weight or percentage and click on rebalance. This saves time, adds value to the engine in terms of efficiency and makes it easier for the strategist to have an overall idea of how their portfolio is performing – all at once!

ICONOMI Has Been Growing

In terms of the strategist end; as well as the copier end, ICONOMI has been gaining major traction. It is an extremely safe avenue for generating income, as it is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority for crypto activities. With a dedicated app available for mobile phones and PC, it has managed to gather strategists and copiers from all over the world at a steady pace. At the time of writing, ICONOMI boasts more than 100,000 users.

An easy way for strategists to grow with ICONOMI parallelly is to connect their social media accounts on platforms like Discord, Telegram, Twitter etc. This will help in reaching a wider audience and entice them to use the strategy laid out by the strategist on ICONOMI.


ICONOMI has positioned itself as an entity that provides best-in-class features when it comes to crypto activities. It is currently one of the most preferred copy trading platforms and is expected to grow even further. The company is built by highly skilled professionals within the blockchain space and is backed by some of the most popular names in the financial industry.

With such an excellent team, set of features and product offering, it can be very easy to speculate massive growth for ICONOMI as a company in the upcoming years.