ftx intelligent The destruction of FTX over the course of the past few days has been chaotic for the cryptocurrency markets, which have suffered significantly as a result of the meltdown. Those who spotted the signals beforehand were able to make profitable trades, but many did not.

The subsequent volatility has been felt across the board, but particularly in projects such as the FTX token (FTT) and Solana (SOL).

Both of these highly centralised projects have suffered as a result of the fallout, not least of which because FTX was one of the main holders in each of these projects.

Fortunately, there is a new platform trying to ensure that traders are well-equipped to navigate the markets in an event that such a collapse happens again.

Dash 2 Trade provides traders with the tools to navigate a collapse like FTX

Those who were taking out shorts on the FTT token before it collapsed would have been able to do so extremely profitably.

There were many signals that the token price was going to fall significantly. Once the Alameda balance sheet had been leaked to CoinDesk, there was a range of information flowing around on Twitter as people speculated on the coming price crash.

As a signals platform, Dash 2 Trade brings together all of the most key information that traders could hope for: in addition to the ability to perform technical analysis, traders on the platform are able to make use of gauging social sentiment and following key social metrics in order to trade as efficiently as possible.

The team at Dash 2 Trade are building on their experience from Learn 2 Trade, which they have been cultivating over the course of the last three years. During that time, they were able to build a community of over 70,000 traders, many of whom will now migrate to the Dash 2 Trade platform to make use of its dashboard.

As the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”, the Dash 2 Trade platform brings together all of the features that a trader could ever desire into one simple dashboard. Unlike Bloomberg terminals however, the fees aren’t extortionate: rather than $2,500 monthly fee, traders can choose between two subscription options of 400 D2T per month (starter tier) or 1,000 D2T per month (professional tier).

The D2T presale is now live on their website – $6.4m raised

The Dash 2 Trade presale is currently ongoing, with $6.4m worth of the D2T token having now been sold to investors.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, with the price of the token gradually increasing with each stage.

Currently, the D2T token is at the third stage of its presale, meaning that it is being sold at $0.05133. At the next stage of the presale, the price will increase to $0.0533.

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