Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a gaming platform that features a variety of P2E (Pay-to-earn) battle games. It is the world’s first fantasy sports ecosystem based on NFT. The IBAT Battle Arena is a Metaverse universe with all games.

Battle Infinity is a new Axie Infinity gaming format that combines the emerging concept of the metaverse with the potential for financial gain through gaming. The game includes several features that allow users to purchase virtual property plots, promote them on billboards, and earn extra money.

The currency is built on the game, in which players compete against other avatars online and win prizes to move up the leaderboard. The game incorporates every feature that ensures the stability of the next cryptocurrency.

In addition to playing and battling, gamers in the Battle Infinity realm may engage in rich Metaverse world experiences. They may interact, participate, observe, and explore this virtual Battle Arena world.

It is a platform that includes six unique products that work together as a unified ecosystem that is effective, available, and easy to use.

IBAT is standing up to the giants of the fantasy sports industry. It’s conceivable that Battle Infinity will continue to gain popularity, given how popular sports are all over the world.

On December 22, the IBAT/USD exchange rate was $0.001639. In the last 24 hours, Battle Infinity has dropped 1.96%. The current market capitalization is not available, and the ranking is #3453.

The IBAT Premier League

Its distinguishing feature is the IBAT Premier League, the first P2E fantasy sports game based on NFT. After registering for the IBAT Premier League, users must obtain an NFT pass in order to enter leagues. The NFT pass provides them with the funds they need to start building their sports teams, which will include real players.

IBAT has created a system for awarding points for real-world accomplishments in sports such as basketball, football, and cricket. After a match, the owner of the fantasy squad with the most points wins the wager.

IBAT Listing

IBAT is currently listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Pancakeswap and LBank. Furthermore, on November 8, Battle Infinity listed its IBAT token on MEXC Global, making it the platform’s second-largest centralized exchange (CEX) listing.

The IBAT token, which grants users access to the ecosystem’s features, is the focus of all investors’ attention. It’s an excellent project, which is why it’s one of seven upcoming Binance listings to invest in in 2023. Furthermore, the price of IBAT/USD may rise as a result of new CEX listings.

Future Developments

In addition to the fantasy sports league game, IBAT intends to create a full arcade of P2E games to allow users to increase their earnings. To participate in these games, which offer prizes to the winners, players must stake their IBAT tokens.

Battle Infinity will also build a battle arena, allowing users to connect to the metaverse and explore, interact with others, and attend events. IBAT launched Battle Staking in late 2022, allowing users to stake their tokens and earn up to 25% APR.

IBAT has enormous growth potential in 2023, especially with the launch of its main product, which will attract players from all over the internet to fantasy sports leagues.

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