Once again, bullish sentiment is returning to the crypto markets as they hot up, and there are many catalysts that could provide huge boosts to the market moving forwards.

Some of the largest blue chips have registered large percentage gains over the past few weeks, with coins like SOL and ATOM recovering many of the losses that they endured in the preceding months.

Hot new play to earn games continue to gain traction

Despite the bearish market sentiment as of late, play to earn games have continued to make waves in the industry, with projects such as Axie Infinity and the Sandbox growing to multi billion dollar market caps in the last cycle.

However, the market share of some of these largest projects has been diminished as of late, as investors flock en masse to earlier projects that have more potential for a higher ROI.

Meta Masters Guild creates its own games for its community

Meta Masters Guild is first and foremost a gaming guild, meaning that its users can participate in play to earn games without the high capital requirement that is usually required to participate.

Scholarships are offered to top players in a way that can be profitable both for the guild itself as well as those who are playing on their behalf.

In an attempt to differentiate themselves from other projects in the space, Meta Masters Guild also creates their own games for their community, meaning that there is a constant influx of new entertainment and opportunities available for their community.

The MEMAG presale has now raised $552k

The MEMAG presale has now managed to raise over $552k in an extremely short space of time, which is particularly impressive when one considers that we are currently in the depths of a bear market.

The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, with the price gradually increasing at each stage of the presale. Currently, the price of the token stands at just $0.007, but this is set to $0.01 at the next stage.

There are seven stages in total to the presale, and at the final stage the token price will have risen to $0.023.

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