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Quint is one of the newly launched cryptocurrency projects in the crypto sector. The platform offers a super staking platform that plans to transform the crypto staking sector. The feature provides a physical rewards system alongside tokenized rewards that entice token holders into staking their QUINT tokens.

Quint provides real-world incentives

QUINT is the BEP-20 token for the Quint ecosystem. It provides physical rewards that can be distributed in the form of different features such as raffles, prizes such as luxury holidays, supercar experiences, and airline tickets, among others.

Besides super staking, Quint will also have a boutique NFT marketplace targeting high networth persons. The NFT project will also provide a limited-edition NFT collection that will offer real-world rewards accompanied by physical copies of specific NFTs.

The other notable feature of the Quint ecosystem is the commitment of the team to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) into the real world, which many have failed to do. One thing in Quint’s roadmap is to allow investors within the Super Staking platform to become part owners of real-estate projects.

QUINT token holders will also receive rewards distributed in line with the asset, providing them with yet another income stream. With the immense use cases provided by the Quint ecosystem, it has received a lot of publicity that has seen the team be behind the launch of one of the most successful initial DEX offerings (IDOs) this year.

The Quint IDO raised more than $1 million. The funds went towards marketing the platform globally in popular places like Times Square. Since the QUINT token presale commenced, it has seen multiple strength levels, gaining more than 3000% from the initial listing value.

QUINT Super Staking feature

Quint is set to have a “Super Staking” feature. The feature will be one of the critical factors that will drive the demand for the token. Investors need to buy QUINT tokens to qualify for the prizes and lock these tokens in the staking pool. This not only creates a case for demand boosting price gains but also demotivates holders from dumping their tokens in the market.

The Quint Stake website shows that more than $280 million worth of QUINT tokens are currently staked on the protocol. This is commendable, given that the project is still in its initial stages. The token holders can also access the prize draws while receiving positive yields on their crypto holdings.

The annual percentage return (APR) earned from QUINT deposits currently sits at 15% alongside “auto compounding” to help boost the returns. People that invest large amounts of QUINT tokens can also partake in “Quintessential Pools.” These are customized to support experienced investors. The pools also provide larger APRs and better perks for investors, including discounts on properties and exclusive deals for luxury hotels and spas.

With the vast range of features the Super Staking platform provides, investors will be enticed to participate in the platform in the long term. Given these positive developments surrounding QUINT, notable gains past exceptional levels could be witnessed.


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