Over the last few years, more people have been environmentally conscious and concerned about the impact of our everyday actions on the world. Interestingly, experts believe carbon-offsetting projects can greatly benefit from cryptocurrencies.

One new crypto project, IMPT, is currently making waves and showing the possibilities that abound in the carbon-offsetting world with its green shopping network.

Blockchain Technology Set to Power Carbon Offsetting

The Impact Project aims to improve the world with its green-focused initiatives. The upcoming blockchain is building a community of investors focused on adopting an environmental-friendly approach to daily activities and encouraging more people to follow suit. The investors belong to an innovative shopping platform that rewards them for patronizing companies with the same mission and goals.

The green shopping network is set to unite green spending (or carbon offsetting) with blockchain technology, and the project has been successful so far.

Before IMPT entered the crypto space, investors were hardly interested in purchasing or trading carbon credits, as there were no incentives for such activities. Because of the absence of individual investors, only companies exclusively traded carbon credits.

However, with the recent developments in the IMPT ecosystem, including its social credit score system, more investors are beginning to see the carbon industry as an alternative investment.

Investors who join the IMPT shopping network and buy carbon credits from any company through the IMPT app enjoy exciting rewards, including free IMPT token cashback. The utility token has inherent value, making it a valuable asset for investors.

At the same time, IMPT has introduced some of the world’s biggest companies to its platform. Corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and River Island are part of the project, making the project more attractive to individuals and institutional investors.

IMPT Presale Shows Investors are Bullish

The IMPT token has been on presale since October, and the presale has shown us that investors believe in the project’s green initiative. Since the presale, the top-trending green crypto has been off to a massive start.

Currently, the token is in Presale Stage 2, where it has sold over 710,701,623 tokens worth over $13.3 million. The presale is still ongoing, with a final stage yet to be completed and over 500,000 tokens left to be sold.

The price of IMPT is scheduled to increase at the next stage of the presale. 1 IMPT token is valued at $0.023, but it was $0.018 during the first presale stage. That means the coin price will increase when the next stage of the presale is reached.

However, it’s evident from the presale that the IMPT project has been successful thus far. The presale began just over a month ago, exceeding experts’ projections and the market’s expectations.

In other words, it’s safe to say that investors who believe in the project and purchase the token early are doing so because of its potential and the significant real-world utility that it offers.

Investors can read the IMPT whitepaper or join the official Telegram group to learn more about the emerging deflationary token and its accompanying project. Investors interested in the IMPT token can visit the presale website to buy and hold until the end of the presale.

The presale accepts both ETH and USDT. Early investors will be rewarded massive gains when the coin is finally listed on exchanges.

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