Here Are the Coins to Buy When Crypto Fear is High and Opportunities Big

The Bitcoin Greed and Fear Index is in extreme fear as Bitcoin and the broader market continues to see wild price swings. While the panic selling seems to be easing, there is still doubt whether buying the dip is a good idea.

Crypto fear is high despite a slight recovery

The price of Bitcoin has recovered slightly to trade at $17,782 at the time of writing. Ether has also jumped 8% in the last 24 hours to trade above $1,300. All the top ten cryptos are reporting gains amid a sharp trend reversal.

The global cryptocurrency market cap has jumped around 2% to above $900 billion. The recent recovery comes after prices plunged significantly following the revelations of FTX’s insolvency and the exchange’s inability to process withdrawals.

CPI data triggers market recovery

Cryptocurrencies have been battered this year because of the aggressive monetary tightening policies adopted by the Federal Reserve. The Fed has raised interest rates several times this year to tame sky-high inflation levels.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released today showed that inflation in October was at 7.7%. This was lower than the earlier predictions of 7.9%. The dropping inflation levels now increase the chances of the Federal Reserve easing the interest rate hikes.

Earlier predictions had said that the Fed would only raise interest rates by 50 basis points during the December Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. The CPI data shows that lower interest rate hikes are more likely, which could trigger a remarkable recovery across the sector.

On the other hand, the current recovery could be short-lived, as the situation with FTX is yet to be resolved. The recent update is that US law enforcement has ordered Tether to freeze $46 million worth of USDT belonging to FTX.

The regulatory attention mounting on the crypto space because of the demise of FTX could be good for the long term, but investors could bear losses in the short term.

Buy these coins as market fear rises

As aforementioned, the current recovery has yet to ease fears grappling the market because of the insolvency of one of the largest exchanges and the ripple effects that this could cause. One of the best ways to diversify your crypto portfolio is through presales.

Dash 2 Trade

Investors from all over the world have been rushing to participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale. Dash 2 Trade brings various tools to retail traders to help them pick winning trades. The team behind this platform is the same as the one behind the Learn 2 Trade platform, which already has a community of more than 70,000 traders. More than $5.8 million has so far been raised from this presale.


The RobotEra presale has also only just launched. Early investors can buy TARO tokens at low prices and be part of what could potentially be one of the best play-to-earn games.

The RobotEra blockchain game not only has solid fundamentals but also boasts of funding from LBank Labs. TARO’s presale will have three stages, each selling 90 million TARO tokens. Join this presale early and watch as your investment grows in the consecutive stages.


Another play-to-earn project in presale is Calvaria. Calvaria is solving one of the biggest problems facing P2E games by attracting new users to crypto. It allows non-crypto gamers to access all the features of the game as they get to learn more about the crypto sector.

The unique concept of Calvaria is already proving itself, as its presale has raised more than $12.6 million in a little over a month since being launched.


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