Harmony One Crypto Price Levels

Harmony One crypto has displayed positive price momentum today increasing by over 8.01% in the last 24 trading hours. It seems that the current price levels for Harmony One crypto could be described as undervalued and might offer massive upside potential for those who chose to hold on to it.

Currently, Harmony One crypto is trying to break through a key resistance level of $0.0221, although the bearish sentiment in the market and recent rejection does impose a threat that Harmony One crypto might fall back down to around $0.0201.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Harmony One Crypto Price Prediction 2022

Recently, Harmony One crypto lost a key support level of $0.0213 and printed a swing low down to $0.019, just scraping past the next major support level of $0.0186. In July 2022 Harmony One crypto traded at prices as low as $0.0164, but has now recovered over 30% to current trading prices of $0.0214.

Many traders speculate that $0.0164 was the bottom for Harmony One as the weekly relative strength index is now reminiscent of the Harmony One crypto prices in January 2021, just before the inception of the parabolic bull run.

Harmony One Crypto Bearish Chart Pattern

One/Usdt – 4 Hour Time Frame.

Harmony One crypto is at risk of potentially forging another swing low back down to the support level displayed here at around $0.0203.

It is imperative to note that the historical performance of Bitcoin is usually always bad for Bitcoin in September. In fact, in the last 9 years, 7 individual Septembers have seen negative performance for Bitcoin. On the other hand, over the last 9 years 7 individual Octobers have seen positive price performance.

There is a good chance that we are going to see September also create more chaos and upheaval in the crypto markets. If this does happen, it means we are going to see deleterious effects for the altcoin markets. If Bitcoin drops back down to $17,500 or below you could expect that many altcoins will take a negative hit.

This means we could expect Harmony One crypto to see further negative price momentum during September.

Personally I would view September as a strong potential accumulation month. Historically October, November and December are usually three months that offer fantastic returns in the crypto markets. If history does repeat itself, we could see a strong rally for Harmony One crypto during Q4 2022.

On the 12th August 2022, Harmony One crypto rallied up at $0.034 and got rejected. Following this particular rally for Harmony One we then saw a drop in price by 44%.

If the crypto markets flip bullish in October and Harmony One can gain enough traction, healthy volume and solid protocol upgrades I speculate that we could rally back up to $0.034. If we break through this resistance the next price target would be $0.0473.

Harmony One Crypto Video Analysis

Whilst I think Harmony One crypto may offer limited returns during 2022, I do think the current price of Harmony One looks extremely undervalued in contrast to the previous all time high at $0.38.

According to Coinmarketcap Harmony One crypto has a market capital of $270 million and is rank #113 versus other cryptocurrencies in the blockchain sector. I personally think we could still see Harmony One push through with a 10-20x by the next crypto bull run. Ideally a market capital of $5-10b is pragmatic for Harmony One crypto by 2030.

Tamadoge Meme Coin Has More Potential?

Harmony One has certainly hit some huge milestones over the last 2 years. The price of Harmony One went from $0.0032 in November 2020 to $0.37 in October 2021. That is an absolutely incredible price increase of 9,642%. Whilst this is an incredible feat, it does make me question whether Harmony One crypto could deliver such returns again.

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At present, the Tamadoge presale has already raised an astonishing $9,764,521 and will soon inevitably reach a massive milestone of $10,000,000. The hard cap for the Tamadoge presale is at $19m and the presale is forecasted to end around October 2022.

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