Following the current FTX issue, more investors are choosing decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Battle Swap DEX was launched on November 16, and the digital asset has the potential to become the industry leader.

No Risk of Fund Losses

DEXs have become a more attractive prospect for most investors in the market, as many require additional safety and security when it comes to handling their money. After the debacle surrounding FTX unfolded over the past week, it has become obvious that centralized exchanges might not necessarily be the best bet for investors as they can suddenly halt withdrawals if they enter a liquidity crunch.

This week, the crypto industry welcomed Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange built by the creators of the Battle Infinity blockchain game. Investors will be able to switch between assets easily without having to worry about lockups, thanks to the DEX, which is part of the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

Battle Swap is a full-fledged DEX that allows users to make fund switches without relying on a third party or centralized entity. The DEX is geared primarily towards Battle Infinity’s players, allowing them to move from the platform’s native IBAT token to other supported assets.

The objective is to provide a smoother and more reliable asset exchange experience, with users able to log onto Battle Infinity anytime.

According to sources, Battle Swap will support five coins at the start. These include Battle Infinity (IBAT), USD Coin (USDC), Binance Coin (BNB), PancakeSwap (CAKE), and the Binance Dollar (BUSD). While the platform’s developers haven’t said anything about support for more coins down the line, it seems highly likely that they will be adding more asset functionality as time goes on.

With Battle Swap, the Battle Infinity developers promise a safe, speedy, and reliable exchange that will eliminate any concerns.

Fantasy Gaming’s New Kid On the Block

Battle Swap is part of the entire ecosystem for Battle Infinity, a blockchain gaming service that combines fantasy sports with non-fungible tokens and the metaverse.

In Battle Infinity, players can buy NFTs representing their favorite athletes. The goal is to create a full NFT team with the right players. Each NFT’s value changes based on the real-life performances of these players – and teams get points added and subtracted based on these same performances – just like every other fantasy gaming site.

At the end of the season, the team with the highest point tally is declared the winner, and the player is rewarded with IBAT tokens.

Currently, IBAT is available on several centralized exchanges, including LBank and MEXC. With a new DEX, Battle Infinity’s developers have given players an additional platform to purchase and swap the token for others, ensuring optimal liquidity.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to hold the asset too. Battle Infinity’s developers conduct regular promos and competitions where players who hold IBAT can participate and win money.

IBAT holders can also stake their assets within the game’s in-app staking system to earn up to 25% annual returns.

With the new staking service up and running and Battle Swap’s debut, all eyes will be on Battle Infinity to provide the full gaming platform.

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