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The Impact Project is focused around changing the way that carbon credits are managed, by acting as the crossroads between the ESG industry and the world of crypto – their green shopping is aimed at incentivising consumers to think more responsibly about the brands that they support and how they effect the environment.

The exponential growth of green investing

Over the course of the last decade ESG investing has risen exponentially in importance, with all major asset allocation firms now having ESG compliance teams and working to ensure that they are as green as they can be, and that they are investing in a way that is as green as possible.

Large companies must now be ESG friendly if they wish to attract capital, and if it is deemed that they are not so then they can have problems being included in particular funds that are geared towards ESG metrics.

By the year 2030, Broadridge Financial Solutions estimates that the total value of the ESG sector will have eclipsed $30 trillion, with carbon credits contributing $50 billion in value.

The exponential growth of crypto

The world of cryptocurrencies is another area of the investing world that has grown exponentially in importance over the course of the last decade.

Since the first Bitcoin block was mined on the 3rd January 2009, there has been explosion of value unlocked by digital assets.

The total market cap of the cryptocurrency industry is now worth over $1 trillion, and is expected to increase by many multiples over the coming years.

A green shopping platform powered by crypto

IMPT is focused on bridging these two worlds, by rewarding consumers for shopping with green companies with their native token.

The team have been working diligently over the course of the last few months to add more brands to their shopping platform, and recently announced that they have now onboarded over 25,000 names including industry giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and River Island.

The IMPT presale is live now

The IMPT presale is now live with more than $12m having been raised over the course of the last few weeks.

Those who wish to participate can now do so on the IMPT website. The presale is being conducted in a series of stages, meaning that the price increases as the presale develops.

Currently, the price stands at $0.018, but will soon increase to $0.023.

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