IMPT raise $400k

IMPT is a green cryptocurrency whose presale has been selling out extremely quickly, particularly over the course of the last few days in which $400k has been raised in 48 hours.

The carbon credits revolution

Over the course of the last decade, there has been a clear change in investor attitudes towards making investments that are “socially responsible”.

The ESG industry has been rising accordingly in value, and is expected to reach a value of $30 trillion by 2030.

Carbon credits have a large role to play in this change of attitudes, and over the course of the last few years have been used by governments around the world in order to make it more costly to pollute.

Every year, the government sells slightly less carbon credits to companies than in the year before, meaning that the price of these carbon credits ought to rise.

Incentivising “responsible shopping”

The team at IMPT are focused on incentivising “responsible shopping”, which means that consumers can be rewarded for thinking more deeply about the companies that they spend with, and their impacts on the environment.

Rather than use their carbon credits to incentivise companies directly, the approach that IMPT has taken is more focused on the individual – companies that are ESG friendly benefit from users of the IMPT shopping platform choosing to buy through them, and those consumers who do choose to shop with such companies can be rewarded in the IMPT token.

Thus far, the team has managed to onboard a range of high-profile companies via their affiliate programme, including industry giants such as Microsoft and River Island.

IMPT has now raised $14.1m after raising $400k in 2 days

The IMPT presale has been going from strength to strength over the course of the last few days, with the team now having managed to successfully $400k over the course of the past 48 hours.

The team have now managed to raise a total of $14.1m for their presale, which is now in its final stage – the token is being sold for a price of $0.023, after which it will list on a range of different exchanges at a slightly higher price.

It has already been confirmed that the IMPT token will be listing on three exchanges from the 14th December: the decentralised exchange Uniswap, and the centralised exchanges LBank and Changelly Pro.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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