The green crypto presale IMPT is fast approaching $6m raised, ushering in a new era of carbon credits on-chain.

What is IMPT?

Thus far, the industry of carbon credits has been a state-mandated effort made in an attempt to try and reduce the carbon footprint of large companies.

If large companies wish to have the right to pollute, they must buy carbon credits for the right to do so.

Every year, there are fewer carbon credits for these companies to buy, which means that the cost of polluting becomes more expensive, and companies are forced to seriously consider finding greener alternatives or moving to more favourable jurisdictions.

However, until now there have been very few free market incentives for reduction of carbon footprint in the same way, and even fewer tailored for individuals rather than companies.

IMPT is a project that hopes to change this by placing carbon credits on-chain in order to incentivise individuals around the world to pollute less.

Socially responsible shopping

IMPT hopes to achieve their goals of reducing individuals’ carbon footprint by rewarding people who are socially responsible shoppers.

In the world of ESG, many funds and capital allocators are constrained by investment mandates which dictate that they must invest in companies with high ESG scores.

This is known as socially responsible investing, and the majority of large ETFs issued by Blackrock and Fidelity are now compliant with these measures – in the same way that Islamic ETFs are often tailored to comply with Shariah investment principles by excluding companies that derive revenue from particular industries, companies that are not highly ESG-compliant are excluded.

IMPT hopes to follow the same principles, except in a way that is tailored for the consumer.

Consumers who shop at companies that have been granted high ESG scores (and there are now over 25,000 that IMPT has onboarded to their shopping platform via their affiliate programme), will grant the consumer the opportunity to earn IMPT as cashback rewards when individuals choose to shop with them.

Green crypto presale for IMPT has now raised almost $6m

Currently, the token is more than midway through its presale, and has thus far experienced dramatic success, having now raised almost $6m.

Those who wish to participate in the presale, or wish to learn more about the vision that guides IMPT, ought to head over to the website, and keep up to date with their social media such as Twitter and Telegram.

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