IMPT’s presale has crossed the $10 million mark. The digital asset IMPT, one of the market’s most promising new coins, continues to raise impressive numbers as investor demand increases.

Impact Token could be one of the market’s hidden gems this quarter.

A Green Future for All

IMPT operates as the ecosystem token for Impact Project, a blockchain-based eco-sustainability project that seeks to help individuals and companies protect the planet while earning returns.

Impact Project, built on Ethereum, seeks to simplify how users can buy carbon credits. The platform also offers access to eco-sustainability initiatives and programs across the world, allowing investors to fund them directly.

The Impact Project intends to reveal just how useful blockchain can be in the fight against climate change. Its native token, IMPT, is the perfect environmental, social, and government (ESG) investment for savvy investors.

$10 Million Raised Thus Far

Like many new cryptocurrencies, Impact token began with a presale. The presale has been successful, with the token raising $10 million in four weeks. This puts Impact token well on track to hit its $10.8 million target for the first stage of the presale.

IMPT is surpassing analysts’ expectations, as its first stage was expected to conclude on November 25, the token is surpassing analysts’ expectations. The token, currently available at $0.018, will likely hit its presale target soon, after which the second stage will begin with a price of $0.023.

Amazon Joins IMPT Affiliate Network

Its affiliate network is one of the many gems in the Impact Project catalog. The protocol currently has over 25,000 members, with some of the biggest names globally.

Last week, global retail giant Amazon joined the Impact Project’s affiliate network, committing towards using the platform to offset its carbon footprint. The company joins big names like Bloomingdales’ Netflix, Microsoft, and Macy’s.

Under the affiliate program, retailers donate a portion of their sales through the Impact Token platform. They can choose how much they’d like to donate, and their customers can earn IMPT tokens with the platform’s widget or app. Earned tokens can be exchanged for carbon credits in contribution to the fight against climate change.

How to Buy IMPT

Investors looking to contribute to environmental good can buy IMPT tokens today at a discounted price. To do so, follow these instructions:

Set Up a Wallet

First, create a cryptocurrency wallet. As the green crypto is an ERC-20 token, the chosen wallet should be compatible with this token standard. We recommend MetaMask as the wallet of choice.

Buy Crypto

Before purchasing Impact tokens investors need to buy Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both assets are available on any reputable exchange or broker.

Thanks to a partnership with payment processor Transak, ETH and USDT purchases can be made directly on the IMPT website.

Connect Your Wallet

Go to the IMPT homepage and click on the “Connect Wallet” button. Select a wallet type in the next window, then follow the on-screen directions to pair the wallet with the presale platform.


After connecting a wallet, investors can proceed to purchase IMPT. The asset can be purchased using ETH or USDT, but remember, the minimum purchase is 10 IMPT tokens.

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