IMPT raises $5 million

Green crypto IMPT hopes to revolutionise the space of carbon credits, and has been hugely popular in the space thus far having already raised in excess of $5 million in less than two weeks.

What is IMPT?

IMPT is a brand new project focused on reinvigorating the market of carbon credits to make the entire infrastructure easier and more seamless to use.

Currently, the market for carbon credits is rather antiquated, and carbon credits are only used for companies rather than individuals – this means that there is no extra incentive for individuals to be mindful of their carbon footprint, and no extra incentive for them to change or modify their behaviour with the environment in mind.

IMPT hopes to change that be incentivising individuals through their “responsible shopping” platform. When users shop via the IMPT shopping platform they are eligible to earn rewards as cashback.

These cashback rewards, denominated in IMPT, can then either be traded of redeemed. The process of redemption means that users will burn their IMPT in exchange for an NFT to showcase their green credentials.

How to buy IMPT

Currently, IMPT is midway through its presale, meaning that anyone wishing to partake in the project still has the opportunity to accumulate a position before the token goes live.

The presale itself is being conducted in various stages. At the earlier stages of the presale, the price is lower, and the price gradually rises throughout the presale.

Those who wish to participate in the presale ought to familiarise themselves with the IMPT website, where the presale is being conducted.

Participants can choose to buy IMPT with either cryptocurrencies or with their credit/debit cards, thanks to a partnership that has been established with Transak.

IMPT raises $5 million in only two weeks

The carbon offsetting promised by IMPT is clearly something that people care about, especially given that people will be granted the opportunity to earn significant rewards in cashback when they spend at over 25,000 vendors.

By shopping via the IMPT widget, consumers who spend at Amazon, Microsoft, River Island, Gamestop, and many more companies around the world that are ESG-compliant, will be able to receive rewards.

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